challenging life

. THIS IS MY FIRST ONE SO SORRY IF THE CHAPTERS ARE SHORT .this is a story about 3 girls who wants to find a new life AND MEET NEW FRIENDS .. they were best friend for life .all of a sudden they all moved to a new school, and a new place that is were they meet liam,zayn,louis,harry,niall. they never new what will happen until they started dating and stuff


12. surprised

author's note

doing this chapter while listening to MAGIC love that song.. and sorry for the short chapters pl. like and favorite :)

-maria- swag and yolo

well the popular girls (cough slut cough) did prove something that made us mad mostly Maria, Trisha,Reeca,Jasmine


*After school

we went at the parking lot

Maria:so what you wanna do today girls?

Trisha:i don't know, how about you reeca?

then Reeca,Jasmine,and Daisy stopped while Maria and Trisha talked... but it was to late and they saw. Niall,Harry,Louis,  and Zayn kissing Chloe, Nicole,Lilly, and Vanessa but Liam wasn't there... Chloe saw us like she didn't want us to see it.. and kissed Zayn even more.. and of coarse Maria,Trisha,Jasmine and Reeca was mad and crying

Maria:  well i guest you all enjoyed it didn't you?

Trisha: i just...... (then she started crying)

Zayn: ummm.. this isn't what it looks like

Jasmine: yess it didn't and you know we didn't see you four kissing this four girls...( she says sarcastically )

Niall: wait.. we can explain

Reeca: don't need to explain any thing.. we get it

Nicole: see they get it let's continue what were doing babe( then kissed Louis on the lips)


*after that Chloe just kissed Zayn straight in the lips                                                                                                                             so Maria ran back in the campus so we of coarse followed her... on our way at the back door.. we bumped to Liam

Liam: why are they crying ?

Daisy: ummmmm...

Liam: what happened?

Daisy: well we went at the parking lot to see the boys but we saw Niall,Harry,Louis,  and Zayn kissing Chloe, Nicole,Lilly, and Vanessa.. so  Maria,Trisha,Jasmine and Reeca was surprised and stuff happened so they were crying and i guess that the boys enjoyed it.. i don't really know ( i said so fast that i forgot to breath) and now i'm here talking to you (i said while breathing heavily)

Liam: what?!.. but i guess they don't mean it....

Daisy: ok.. i gotta go i still have to catch them before something happens.......... and please talk to them (saying the last part while running away)

Daisy  saw   Maria,Trisha,Jasmine and Reeca at the pavement and good thing it wasn't that far


Daisy: Maria want to do something?

Maria: actually, yes.. i always come to this place when i'm mad.. and i'm mad now so let's go........ 







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