challenging life

. THIS IS MY FIRST ONE SO SORRY IF THE CHAPTERS ARE SHORT .this is a story about 3 girls who wants to find a new life AND MEET NEW FRIENDS .. they were best friend for life .all of a sudden they all moved to a new school, and a new place that is were they meet liam,zayn,louis,harry,niall. they never new what will happen until they started dating and stuff


23. memory


we stayed at the hospital for a week, and every body at school was visiting us Trisha and Maria got burn's and scratches 

Reeca got burn's and a little stitch here and there , but as they promised each other ,no one leaves no one 


they were in one big room, and the boys are talking to them, they were now joking around and laughing, hey laughter is the best medicine

"the school said there will be another prom, and they will make sure everything is secured" Niall said

"well they better, make sure that, my mom's going to freak out, and that prom,is awesome, cause you know i was in-charge and stuff" Maria said fixing Reeca's stuff

"yup, and i wanna go home, i hate hospital food" Reeca said 

"yeah,yeah,yeah, hey remember when Maria shouted, and everybody said "awww" cause  Zaynie here spinned her around, and she shouted" Trisha said helping Reeca 

"yeah, maybe, that happen?" Maria thought for a while "ohhh yeah ,i am so lucky i'm not a blushful person, not like others , *cough*trisha*cough*"

"i hate you, and Maria GIGGLE"

"ahhhhh, stop, saying that word"

"what word?"

"the word Giggle" "ahhh you made me say it"

"hahahahahha, i'm so awesome"





"i love this park it has wi-fi" Zayn said out of now where

"holy shit, when did you get here?" Trisha asked

"i was with you guys awhile ago"

"really?! we didn't notice you"Reeca said 


then Trisha was swinging then she shouted "i am invisible!!" seconds later she fell and stumbled down 

and laughter filled the air

Trisha helped her self up and said 'thanks for helping me"

"your welcome" Reeca said 

"hey remember when someone knocked at our door, then you guys said i should get it, then the knock got louder and louder, so i hurried up, and the blanket got tangled in my feet, and i stumbled down, but opened the door, and you guys just laughed at me, and the one who was knocking was Niall, so i ied him, in a chair" Maria said remembering the memory

"yeah, and she tortured me, cause they ordered pizza, and they smelled good, but they didn't give me" Niall said 

"yeah, good times, good times"

"and remember, how hard it is to get them to date us?" Harry said 

"yup, that was alot of fun, and for the record we won" Daisy said

"we have alot of good, and bad times, bad bad bad times, and goooooood times" Jasmine added

"can you believe that there's no children playing here?" Maria said lying down on the grass


'yeah that's odd" Zayn said

"yeah"Harry said

then there's that awkward but not that awkward silence, all of us staring at  eachother

"are we just going to stare at each other?"Liam asked

"yeah i think so" and the two just stared at each other, and almost kissing

"EWWWW PDA" reeca said interrupting the kiss 

"hahahahhaha, now you two may continue what your doing"TRISHA said

then Louis grabbed Trisha's hand, Harry ,Jasmine's hand, Niall Reeca's hand ,Liam Daisy's hand

then Zayn Maria's hand,

"since we didn't get to dance " Zayn started

"can we have this dance and chance?" Harry said

"did you guys like plan all this? that's why there's no people here?" Reeca asked

"yes and no"Liam answered


"wellll, ladies shall we take this dance" Niall asked

"yeah why not, this may be our last sweet moment i guess, or whatever that is called , or i know i know our last dance? i guess" Reeca said

"you talk to much" Niall said and kissed her

"PDA!"Maria shouted, and she got slapped by Reeca

"owww" that hurt, and when she was about to speak, Zayn kissed her

and by her surprise everybody was kissing each other, and she kissed back




and every body had a small pick nick


"so were about to graduate" Zayn said

"yeah,and we will have school" Maria said


"ohhh and we video-d your performance and guess who called us,?" Reeca said 

"you ready?" Daisy added

they nodded

"ok, so Simon cowel , called and he wants you guys to be in his management, so after your graduation, he will talk to you guys, you know, if you only want to?"Jasmine asked

"It is a big opportunity" Maria added "sooooo?"

"yeah, we will take it" Louis said

"yippie, now let's eat" Trisha said


the day end, and next week, is the boys gradutaion






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