challenging life

. THIS IS MY FIRST ONE SO SORRY IF THE CHAPTERS ARE SHORT .this is a story about 3 girls who wants to find a new life AND MEET NEW FRIENDS .. they were best friend for life .all of a sudden they all moved to a new school, and a new place that is were they meet liam,zayn,louis,harry,niall. they never new what will happen until they started dating and stuff


9. how was it?

we all went to one room and talked about our dates

"sooo how was you date's" maria asked

she was trying to get all there attention,, because their their faces was just relaxed and stuff

"hello, any body there?"maria tried again

"it was magical"trisha said

"it was fantastic "reeca added

"it was amazing"jasmine added

"it was fun"daisy said laughing

"umm ok, so you wanna talk about it?"maria asked

"well liam and i went to the park and stuff happened"

"niall and i went to the beach"jasmine added

"no way we went to the beach also"trisha said

"umm ok well we went to the lake and did stuff"reeca said happily

"how about your date maria?"trisha asked, then they all started staring at me

"it was good and fun actually.. but i'm not ready to have a relationship yet"

"but what if zayn asks you ti be his girl friend?"jasmine asked

"well. well... wait why are you only asking me there are 5 of us here not only 1 you know"

"fine,"daisy said

"let's just go to sleep we still need to go to school you know"maria said


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