challenging life

. THIS IS MY FIRST ONE SO SORRY IF THE CHAPTERS ARE SHORT .this is a story about 3 girls who wants to find a new life AND MEET NEW FRIENDS .. they were best friend for life .all of a sudden they all moved to a new school, and a new place that is were they meet liam,zayn,louis,harry,niall. they never new what will happen until they started dating and stuff


7. harry and jasmine

well i really don't like harry.. that much but...maybe i can like him more if i did this

i heard the door bell and answered it... well of coarse it was harry

"hey beautiful"

"hey handsome i answered back with a fake smile

"wanna go for a walk?"

"sure why not"

after 15 minutes of walking

"are just going to walk , or what?"

"no,here we are"

when i looked at my left side.... i saw a boat... and i think were going to ride it(you don't say)

"well this is my surprise! SURPRISE"

"ummm i don't know how to ride a boat"

"it's ok, i'll teach you"

when were at the middle of the lake...i accidentally almost fall of the boat... good thing harry pulled me up... now were in a hugging position.....i can't stop staring at his beautiful eyes.......

"ummm may you let go now?"jasmine said

"oh.. yeah sure"

when we got tired or riding boats ... i just can't stop staring at harry's eyes....... we went home and i was about to kiss harry at his cheek but he faced me so i accidentally kissed him at his lips.... we both blushed ..... and i went inside the house


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