challenging life

. THIS IS MY FIRST ONE SO SORRY IF THE CHAPTERS ARE SHORT .this is a story about 3 girls who wants to find a new life AND MEET NEW FRIENDS .. they were best friend for life .all of a sudden they all moved to a new school, and a new place that is were they meet liam,zayn,louis,harry,niall. they never new what will happen until they started dating and stuff


15. asking



we re gained our trusts and we became friends Reeca, Trisha, Jasmine started dating guys, and i can see the boys are jealous while Maria and Daisy are spending time together. and Maria just realized that Daisy here has a boy friend . but Maria can see that Liam here likes Daisy but how? will he confess.. to her will Liam ask Daisy to the prom? or what?

the girls decided that they should have a girls day.. so they went to starbucks to talk about prom. 

"hi, what's your order mam?" the lady asked

"umm 2 chocolate chip frap, 1 mocha frap dark, and 2 mocha frap. all venti" Maria said

"okay mam that will be $50 "

"ohh okay here"

"name mam?" 


"okay just wait for a minute"

"okayyyy" Maria said and finding us seats 

"soo how's life" Daisy asked them

"good actually, i've been dating some guys" Reeca said looking at her phone

"same here" jasmine and Trisha said in unison 

"ohh okay" Maria said

after minutes of waiting 

"MARIA!" a man shouted and we went to get our orders




so we went to star bucks to talk and drink. while were sitting we heard familiar laughs and voices( i didn't use the word giggle. cause i hate that word)

but were guessing it's just our imagination, cause we really miss the girls, i was thinking of the memories,laughters, and crying moments in our life with the girls,

"earth to LIAM" Louis said waving a hand at my face

"hmmm what Louis?"

"we all need to talk about some thing"

"ohh sure what is it?"

"about the girls" Niall said while taking a bite at his oreo cheese cake

"ohh okay talk, then, i know they forgave you now, and it's not your  fault, i mean they sound happy, cause i can hear their laughter from here" we all turned around and saw a group oeeaf girls having a conversation and laughing, we aren't sure if it was them and then

"MARIA!" a man shouted.. and Zayn immediately turned  and then the rest of the boys, they were getting their orders, but Reeca wasn't there. then Niall  looked for her and saw her at the counter buying oreo cheese cake and i saw Niall smile..


"want to approach them? and ask them something?like " "*cough will you go to the prom with me*cough" i said and they all looked nervous but they all nodded



i saw Maria again, i simply smiled when i saw her cheerful smile, then liam asked "want to approach them? and ask them something?like " "*cough will you go to the prom with me*cough" he said and we all looked nervous but we all nodded... so i went down first followed by Niall,Louis,Harry,and Liam.. we went to the girls' table and i simply said HI


Maria's P.O.V

we were talking what will answer if ever the boys will ask us at prom... and they just nodded i don't know if it's an yes or no.. but i'm fine with that... but Daisy didn't nod just there drinking her chocolate chip frap... and i was going to be sad at Liam if he ever finds out but i think this Mark dude is bad for Daisy his a bad boy and Daisy is a innocent girl

i was soo deep in my thoughts that i didn't recognize that the other girls are just giving me glares as if there;s some one at my back then suddenly Trisha slapped me in the face that really hurt, but we do that ,if we zoned out or to stop us from laughing .. i heard them gasp and i just said


"THE SKY PROBABLY" Niall said 

i turned around and saw the boys and i smiled and hugged them

"umm Niall no the galaxy is up.. duhhh" i said 

and they laughed

"sooooo, whatcha want?" i asked them taking a bite at the oreo cheese cake that Reeca said\

"hey, i was going to that"Reeca said "there's three more pieces" i replied "ohh yeah i totally forgot about that"

and they just stared at the girls and i quickly said..

"okay i'm going to make this awkward for all of you, " "so hey want to go to prom with me?" i said in my generic boy voice, but before saying that i faced the boys in each of the girls"hahahahah totally made it awkward. mission accomplished" high five-ing my self

i gave them space and sat down far yet near to them, but i thought i was all alone but zayn followed me, and i gave him a smile to that says want to join me ? and he simply smiled back

actually i really missed zayn



we were talking when Maria totally zoned out.. but then again we saw the boys coming to our way and Zayn said HI to us and we all glared then i slapped her in the face and she just said "HMM WHAT? WHAT'S UP?" and i have a feeling that she will make things more awkward.. and she did...... 

(Louis- L... Trisha-T)

L- soo, Maria really did make it awkward

T-yup, i mean she knows how to read a guys mind but doesn't know how to read a girls mind..sometimes she does

L-soo do you have a date for prom?

T-ummmm, yeah sure, why not?

L-want to go with me?

T-umm, sure?

L-look sorry for what i've done, i didn't mean it

T-past was past , and i know you  didn't mean that, i think (i mummbled the last part)

L-umm okay:)

I just nodded and took a sip at my frap

L-you need to smile more often, do you know that?

I blushed at what he said thanks god i have long hair


Reeca's P.O.V

Well Maria made it soooo awkward i even think that she planned this thing, i don't know oh my gosh now Niall is going to talk to me, ahhhhhh ,hmm he asked me to the prom what will i say yes ,no yes,no,yes,no,yes,no... ahhh 

(R-reeca..... N-niall)



N-yes, what?

R-yes, i will be your date at the prom. if that's what your going to ask,or i just embarrassed my self again?


R-it's fine really, past is past any way so no need to worry, i mean it's just prom, nothing else will happen


Jasmine's p.o.v

hmmm so Harry is asking me to prom? well to bad i already have a date his name is Mark

(H-harry...... J-jasmine)

J-hi, Harry

H-hi soo umm will you go to the prom with me?

J-sorry Harry but i already have a date on prom day *i said giving him an sorry smile

H-ohh okay *he was about to leave then i held his wrist, man why do i have to do that?

J-maybe we can have lunch, or dinner  after our prom?

H-sure ,why not, 


Daisy's P.O.V

HMMM how will i say to Liam that i have a boy friend? but his really busy right now, so maybe i could date him but only for prom.. only for prom

D-Liam i would want you to know that i have a boy friend

L-OHHH then i can't ask you to prom?

D- you can , i can actually go with you cause his bust right now, but we can go as friends 

L-ohh then that would be great. 



hmm it's time for revenge to Maria i told every one the plan

the plan was to make it awkward to MARIA and ZAYN today, mwahahahaha

they nodded and we went at the 2nd floor of starbucks, i really wish Maria will not notice us .....

we went up and they were just laughing and talking, oh my gherd ,, it's so normal to her no awkward feeling, so we just decided to call them, but we were just staring at them they looked perfect for each other... 



"sooo did my plan work?, did it became awkward?" Maria asked

"yup " we all said in unison

"any way we have to go cause we will have our girls day, so bye boys" Maria said grabbing all of our hands"

we just went shopping and ate of coarse, today is the best day ever, so far...










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