challenging life

. THIS IS MY FIRST ONE SO SORRY IF THE CHAPTERS ARE SHORT .this is a story about 3 girls who wants to find a new life AND MEET NEW FRIENDS .. they were best friend for life .all of a sudden they all moved to a new school, and a new place that is were they meet liam,zayn,louis,harry,niall. they never new what will happen until they started dating and stuff


13. a side that u don't want to see


so we went to a boxing place that's were i go if i'm angry.... i talked to a guy named bob.... he already new me and he already know why i'm here.. as we were walking i was covering my face so my friends was just staring at the boys there and the boys were whistling and stuff. so i got pissed and took off the jacket and i looked at them badly.. and if i'm pissed i can kill them even if they're bigger than me... but don't worry i never killed anyone yet.. i'm still safe to be with


Bob: here you go Maria your room

Maria: thank you bob

*Bob left the room and we took of our jackets

Maria: so girls.. you still angry? cause this is the place where i go if i'm angry.. and do what ever you want

*the girls did what ever they want to do punch the punching bags, cry, eat,drink..... after 30 minutes of doing that the ,girls was facing the open window that  show's the hallway..... but all of a sudden they saw the boys talking...... I saw Zayn and got really rally mad and soo those the other girls except for daisy..... so what i did is just close the curtain and i can hear the boys begging for our forgiveness 

I sat at the corner cause i need to control my anger while i was inhaling and exhaling i remembered what happened at the parking lot...

Reeca: Maria are you okay? 

Trisha: Maria don't forget to breath

Maria: i'm kinda ok guys... i just ...

*then punches the wall.. and Bob heard the sound of shattering walls and got quickly to the room and all they can see was my hand bleeding and broken

i have to admit in the 5 of us i was the one who often gets mad but if i get mad.... i will show the side that you don't want to see....... Bob and the other girls accompanied m outside and we could see the the boys went out of there room really worried




soo we went to a boxing gym more like a gym..... i was really worried for Reeca,Trisha,Maria and Jasmine.... so what i did is talk to the boys.. i mean i know they didn't mean to do that.....

*while entering  the gym

Liam: guys you know that you really hurt their feelings right?

Zayn: yeah, we know..... i feel bad

Niall: me to 

Harry: why are we here any way?

Louis: i just want to forget what happened...

Liam: yeah that and to shape up a bit

*when we were crossing the hall w saw the girls facing the window.. so i looked at the boys....



 *when we were down the hall i heard familiar voices.. but i bet they're just my imagination or what ever, but no it wasn't when we were still walking almost to our room we saw the 5 girls.... i tried to say sorry to Maria but all that she did was close the curtains.... and i can't do anything else..


 so we went to our room and started working out.. so we can forget what happened in the parking lot, but we can't  how can we forget the girls' crying and hurt faces...

after minutes of working out w heard a crash of broken walls from the other room and we know that the other room was occupied by the girls'... so we quickly went out... and all that we can see was Bob and the other girls' helping Maria cause she punched the wall... we tried going near her but then Daisy stopped us and explained something to us


i will try explaining to the guys that they still can't go near the girls.... hint i said i'll try cause i wish they can understand.. and Maria's mom is in a trip.. so we will try explaining it to her to...


D: umm.. you better stop here.. before anything happens

LI: what happened?

ZA: yeah, what happened, is Maria fine?!

D: umm well first lets sit down..... ok so when we saw you guys walking down the hall.. they got pissed, or sad so Maria has anger issue's .. she can like kill a person.. but don't worry she's still safe and that is the side that you don't want to see.. and the other girls has the side that you don't want to see to... any way, while Maria was at the side she just froze there inhaling and exhaling but i think she remembered what happened so she just punched the wall and know her hand is injured and broken and the other girls has injuries also... so for your safety you should stay away ....

HA: grrrr, i feel guilty

LO: i-i feel so bad

D:you should be (i said in a murmuring voice).. don't be it's those bimbo's that were mad at but half of it is from u guys... so know i hope you understand ...

 NI: yeah we understand... why do we have to be so charming? 

*when Niall said that we all laughed.. ... and that kinda made me less nervous...

D:you know Niall, YOUR SUCH A FELLER ( even though it's true that's true.. that they are charming and all of the girls in school had a crush on them.... ) i was probably in deep thought cause i just saw Liam's hand in front of my face waving ...

soo i just went to their house's to get clothes and go back to the hospital... but then i saw 



-MARIA- <3


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