Louie's sister drama

I am new to this so hope u will read it!!!


1. Ugggggg

Uggggg here come my abusive mom at least I am prepared to get beat. That is all she does to me I don't eat much and I am getting out of this hell hole it is horrible here I would rather live on the streets. I snuck money from my moms purse knowing she had to work to day. It is finally happening I am going to run because she has left the house. My friend had told me that she had asked if I could come stay and he said yes.

I am not really going to my friends house though I don't want to cause drama when I am with them. Plus it would keep them safe because if my mom finds me they don't get hurt epically my friend. Ya you night be wondering who I am we'll I am Lauren rose stine I was born February 8 1999 so I am only 13. When my dad was alive my mom was so sweet and would be so nice he died in a car crash 1 month ago and she started drugs drinking and then abusing me as if it were my fault he died.

I get bullied in school so bad that I have to be in the office I am very frightened of new people because of my mom and the bullies. I have brown hair with green high lights blue eyes my mom to.d me she called the adoption center so I was happy but I ran away so yes I have no support right now.
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