Louie's sister drama

I am new to this so hope u will read it!!!



My and I friend would hang out here all the time when we were kids now I am running from my mom she done not know this ally.  Now I won't cause trouble because if I were at my friends it would be to obvious.  I sat in the ally way sobbing just when I herd five voices they were British and Irish they stopped when they heard whimpering.  I was hoping they would not see me well I thought to soon because the five figures walked over to me and crouched down about at my eye level.

I looked at him for a second then tried to back in to the wall more than I already was.  He reassured me that he would not hurt me and neither will we the one with black hair said he also asked what is your name love?  L-Lauren I managed to stutter out under my breath that is a beautiful name the one with brown hair his eyes matching he had kind of or should I say really straight hair he looked like Justin Beiber ya the one with brown hair and blue eyes said.  Then the one with curly brown hair asked why I was in this ally?  I just stood up and signaled for them to come in to the light with me they just followed i rolled up my sleeves and showed them the cuts and bruises.  After I showed them all I heard were gasps I fell on my knees crying the blond one came and calmed me down after that I felt like I was going to throw up and sure enough I did.  The blond one did not know what to do so the one with back hair cane and pulled all my hair back and rubbed circles on my back telling me it was OK and to let it all out.


After about ten minuets I had finally stopped.  I felt like an idiot forgetting to ask for their names well the blond one must have been thinking the same thing because he said we are idiots mates i just sat and giggled the one that looked like Justin  Beiber asked why?  He answered with because we forgot to introduce our self's I just giggled the blond one said I am Niall Horan the one that looked like Justin Beiber said I am Liam Payne I was giggling again he said what is so funny I answered with you look like Justin Beiber they all stopped and laughed then continued with I am Harry styles I stopped them their and said I know who you guys are I am a fan.  Well it was nice meting you but I have to go find my friend.  Wait I heard behind my back is that Ashley? Louis asked  yes why well she lives with me and we are dating. Oh she had said her boyfriend said I could come live with her.  I was thinking Louis adopts then you could be our sister.  really I said do I look like I am joking Louis said no well lets go then.


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