Louie's sister drama

I am new to this so hope u will read it!!!


3. at the house

Once we got to the house Louis showed me where the bathroom was so I could take a shower then I got my clothes and asked Louis to set this out there they called the adoption center when I got out I looked at the cuts,burns,and bruises on my body.  I walked out of the bathroom and saw Louis and Zayn in the kitchen sinning papers on Lou's phone and the other three boys called me over to the computer and asked ,e what color I wanted my room?  I chose a bright green then Louis came over and I told him we had to go shopping for magazines.  Louis agreed but first he told the boys to come to the bathroom with him for a second they all went then Liam called me to the bathroom then Niall picked me up and Louis handed me a towel and said we need to see how bad so I took off my shirt and bra it was bad Niall helped me off the counter so they could see my back then Louis called Ashley to the bath room Niall gave me my bra and shirt back so I could run but Niall was in the door way then Liam said first stop hospital they all agreed Ashley stayed home so we got to the hospital room and then the doctor walks in and had me take my shirt off but I got to keep my bra on this time the doctor told us there are three things we are going to do clean stitch and bandage I got scared when he said stitch so I grabbed my shirt and ran.  Least did I know Liam was hot on my tail he caught me and carried back to the room Louis was holding my hand and the other boys had me pined down. Then he started to clean and I was screaming like crazy then Zayn took over and walked me through the rest the last part did not hurt at all then I got my shirt on got off the table and fell Niall picked me up and put me back Zayn showed him what to do for this to and Niall and Louis got to stay Louis had my hand zayn kept moving my leg back and forth i was screaming louis calmed me down but it did not help because when we got the x-rays done Niall had to twist my leg so I screamed more then I came out in a wheal chair but we still went shopping and the boys helped me or should i just say my brothers then we went home.

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