Holding On

Rose, the word ponders around my crammed mind and all it ever picks out is the color red. Red, the color of love, anger, blood. My name is inexplainable. My life, was inexplainable, until I met him.


26. Too Early

The both of us bolted down the staircase, snatching every pot and pan we could find in the kitchen. Pancakes were the top idea in our minds, so we got to work.

While I stirred the thick batter, Niall flipped the giant pancakes urgently. Surprisingly, it was done well! By the time I finished with the batter, Niall would have around 2-3 pancakes cooked and ready to go. Within an hour we had around 16 pancakes!

The house was littered with the scent of chocolate chips and blueberries, and Niall was becoming restless. His lips were coated in drool as he stared down the hot platter that teased him.

"Pancakes I see, nice job both of you!" Liam laughed as he came to join us. "I could smell them all the way upstairs. The others should be on their way."

Liam stabbed 3 pancakes with his fork, and plopped down into the wooden chair. 

"Hey! Save some for me damnit." Niall mumbled angrily. I just chuckled and put another 3 pancakes on his plate for him.

"Calm down blondie, patience is key." I teased. Niall just furrowed his eyebrows at me while I placed the plate in front of him.

"You could at least say thank you!" I rolled my eyes as I went to grab my share.

"Sorry...thank you." He apologized.

"Ughhhh." A zombie groaned coming down the stairs. "Why are you all up so early? Jesus."

"Nice to see you too, Zayn." Liam joked, taking a bite out of the last of his chocolate chip pancake. Zayn glared at Liam and then collapsed onto the couch.

"Wheres Lou and Harry? They should be up by now. Well at least Louis should." Niall questioned. I just shrugged my shoulders and poured myself a tall glass of milk.

"Think Haz is still sleeping. I saw Louis on his computer when I came downstairs." Zayn mumbled.

"Look, it speaks!" I joked. Zayn gave me the finger, causing me to choke on my milk

"Morning sexy people!" Louis shouted as he walked into the kitchen. He was only in his grey sweats, causing me to bite my lip and stare him down. There were only around 8 pancakes left, so he quickly grabbed some.

"You guys wanna go to the movies today?" Liam suggested, causing me to drop my gaze on Louis. I nodded in agreement, excited for the new Hunger Games movie.

"Sounds good." Niall responded.

"Whtmueiwovi?" Louis yelled, his mouth full of food.

"Catching Fire please please please!" I begged, Zayn suggested World War Z.

"Both?" Liam concluded. Zayn and I nodded.

After about 20 minutes of arguing, Harry finally came down, his brown hair a hot mess.

"Hellloooo."  Harry mumbled, grabbing a pancake with his hand and biting into it.

"Morning." I smiled. "Sleep well King?" Harry nodded.

"We're going to the movies later, want to come with Sam?" Niall suggested. Harry shrugged.

"I guess. I'll see if she wants to. We were gonna hang at her house today, though."

"Ooh, what were you gonna do at her house?" I winked immaturely. Harry blushed and rolled his eyes.
"Adult things." He winked back.

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