Holding On

Rose, the word ponders around my crammed mind and all it ever picks out is the color red. Red, the color of love, anger, blood. My name is inexplainable. My life, was inexplainable, until I met him.


30. Not Cool


I woke up to a quiet house. No obnoxious snoring, or disgusting smell of burnt food. Part of this made me extremely happy, on the other hand I was extremely terrified.

Slowly, I crept out of my bed and peered into the hallway.

"No one." I whispered, sinking back into the room.

I was praying that this was all just a prank and that the boys would come out any minute now, but as I poked my head through the curtains, there were no cars in the driveway.

I went and grabbed my phone off the charger and texted Liam.

'Where the hell are you guys? I'm scared out of my mind. This isn't funny! ~R'

I paced around my room biting my thumb nail nervously. No response yet.

"This isn't like them...they wouldn't just leave me home by myself." I mumbled. Suddenly, the sound of wind chimes went off. I snatched my phone.

'Rose...I just want you to know that we all care so much about you. Something happened...something bad. Please take care of yourself. We don't know if we will ever see you again. ~L'

My hands trembled, causing me to drop my phone.

"W-what?!" I could feel the tears swelling in my eyes. What could have possibly happened?

I ran out of the room all the way outside. I called for the boys, but there was no reply.

The sound of bushes shuffling startled me.

"GOT YOU!" Harry beamed as all the boys came at me with pillows. I was knocked back and found myself laying in the grass protecting my face from falling feathers.

All the boys were in hysterics, and fell to the ground crying of laughter.

"Her face! Hahaha!" Niall yelled, wiping his eyes. My cheeks were poisoned with red.

"That's not fucking funny! Do you know how scared I was? I thought we were robbed or something! I thought I lost all of you." I yelled as tears trickled down from my eyelids.

"Sorry Rosey posey, but it was all revenge for last night." I looked at Zayn confused.

"Lou here told us what happened. That isn't cool, love." He continued. I was furious. That was private, how could he tell them? What would Niall think?

"Louis what the fuck!" I screamed in his face. "It was a joke! You didn't have to tell everyone!" I crossed my arms angrily.

"The way you grinded on me didn't seem like a joke now did it pumpkin." Louis winked. I grunted and stormed off back inside the house.

I sat in the kitchen and took a bite out of an apple. What the boys did pissed me the fuck off. Who would do that to a girl?

Wait. Did Louis call me pumpkin? I giggled to myself at the cute nickname. I shook my head to dissolve the thoughts.

"Stop it Rose...you're supposed to be pissed at him, not falling for him..." I mumbled, taking another bite out of my apple.

Then it hit me. Was I really falling for Louis? What happened last night...it didn't mean anything, did it? It was a heat of the moment kind of thing, only a different type of heat.

The boys suddenly came into the kitchen and rummaged through the cabinets. Zayn found a box of Cheez-its and placed it on the table.

"FOOD!" They all yelled, tearing open the box causing the snack to explode everywhere.

"My god not only are you guys annoying, but you're savages too!" I yelled.

"Aw come on Rosey lighten up! It was just a prank, you don't have to be so prissy about it." Liam responded. I gave him the finger and finished off my apple.

"We should go mini-golfing today!" Niall exclaimed. My lips curved into a smile. I was amazing at mini-golf and could easily kick their asses.

"Deal." I replied quickly.

"Wow, look she actually wants to have fun!" Harry commented. I pushed away his remark and instead kneed him in the balls.

"FUCK ROSE!" He winced as he grabbed his crotch and collapsed to the floor. The boys laughed as he rocked back and forth in fetal position.

"Nice one pumpkin." Louis snickered. There it was again. Pumpkin. Why was he calling me that? I thought to myself.


Little Note (:

Hey everyone! I wanted to thank you all for loving "Holding On" so much! It truly makes my day. So I have a little teaser for you guys!

"I met his stunning gaze as he made his way over. He looked so different. A good kind of different...and I liked it."

What do you think is going to happen? Leave you comments! Love you all <3 ~Eve

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