Holding On

Rose, the word ponders around my crammed mind and all it ever picks out is the color red. Red, the color of love, anger, blood. My name is inexplainable. My life, was inexplainable, until I met him.


27. Movie Night and Old Memories


"Everyone ready?" Zayn asked as I followed him to the door. We were going to watch World War Z first, then Catching Fire next.

"Ya." Liam responded, coming to meet the Zayn and I along with Louis and Niall.

"So is Harry bringing Sam?" I asked, hoping Sam and I can have some bonding time so I wasn't the only girl.

"Harry said she wanted to see World War Z as well, so yes." Louis smiled as he opened the door for me. I returned the smile and nodded my head to him as I hopped down the outside steps.

"So what's World War Z even about?" Niall asked as we all piled into Zayn's Audi.

"Something about zombies or whatever." I answered back. I didn't care for a movie, it was probably going to be just all of the other zombies that are made.

"Ohhh, sounds cool." I rolled my eyes and sat next to Louis, I loved the window seat. He smiled at me and pulled out his phone.

'Hanging with the best fucking people ever! @Harry_Styles @niallhoran @Real_Liam_Payne @zaynmalik @roseofficial'

I glanced at my phone and couldn't help but smile. I'm in a tweet involving One Direction...I thought to myself.


"Sam!" Harry exclaimed as we arrived at the theatre. The adorable brunette was sitting cross-legged on a bench. When she noticed Harry her face instantly lit up.

"Hey." She smiled as she wrapped her arms tightly around his Rolling Stones t-shirt.

We all went around giving our share of hugs, and while the boys were in line for food Sam and I stayed near the bench.

"So how did you and Harry meet?" I asked shyly. She smiled and looked to the darkened sky, reminiscing about the amazing day.

"I was at a bar, and the boys just happened to be there. Haz and I shared a few drinks, and everything blossomed from there." Her face suddenly changed. "But then we broke up...the distance was just...too much to handle. Trust was broken and..." Tears started to form, and I wrapped her in a warm embrace.

"It's okay, I understand." She giggled and wiped her eyes.

"Sorry. I guess I should look past it, were together again anyway." She got up slowly. "We should go meet them actually." I nodded and followed her into the lobby to meet the boys.

"Heyyy there you beautiful girls are!" Liam said as we walked up. "We thought you died." I rolled my eyes and slapped his shoulder, making some of the popcorn fall to the floor.

"Not funny!"

After we all bought our foods, a huge argument broke out about where to sit in the theatre.

"I want to sit up high so I can make out with Sam." Harry winked. I made a gagging noise.

"But there's a better experience up front!" Liam argued back.

"All of you shut up. We're sitting in the back." I pulled Liam up to the top row by his collar, and the other boys followed snickering.

Not even halfway through the movie Harry and Sam were all over each other. I was sitting next to Louis, and felt slightly jealous. Why couldn't I have a boyfriend? It was like something clicked inside of me, because then I started kissing Louis.

His eyes went wide, causing me to worry, but soon he was kissing me back.

No one seemed to noticed, mainly because we were in an action scene. However, Sam noticed, because a slight groan came out of Louis' mouth.

We quickly stopped when I saw Sam looking at us. I blushed and went back to watching the movie, only to have me glance back at Louis when he ran his hand down my thigh.

No one teases me, I thought, and gets away with it.

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