Holding On

Rose, the word ponders around my crammed mind and all it ever picks out is the color red. Red, the color of love, anger, blood. My name is inexplainable. My life, was inexplainable, until I met him.


4. Bewildered

The sounds of bold grunts and glass breaking caused my droopy eyelids to flutter open.

"You sick son of a bitch! What type of man hits a girl?!" My piano-fingers rubbed my pounding temple, and I winced in agony. I couldn't remember what happened at all. The last memory I had was seeing a raging blue ocean gather in a young man's eyes. Slowly, I got to my feet and leaned against my tanned, wooden bureau for walking support.

"Wh-what's going on?" I questioned, walking into the crammed hallway. Broken beer bottles were smashed against the hardwood floor. I was bewildered as to why until I saw, Louis. When I saw him, every terrifying moment I could grasp of being beaten pondered around my mind, burrowing into my brain.

His eyes were smothered in black. Blood and sweat was trickling down his forehead. It dripped off the tip of his nose, and his knuckles were pale white. His striped shirt was now torn in several places. The veins on his neck and biceps were bulging out, and his breathing was heavy.

I brought my shaking palm to my mouth as tears glided down my injured appearance.

"LOUIS!" I called out, limping towards him.

"Get back in your bedroom Rose, or so help me!" I heard Louis shout, "NO!" But he was too late.

My dad ran towards me and forcefully pushed me back into my bedroom. I collapsed to the ground as he slammed the door, causing all the delicate pictures in my bedroom to fall along with my torn spirit.

I began to sob. I was confused, alone, and just wanted out. It's all I ever wanted, out. Out of nowhere, it ended. It was like a light was switched off, because the fighting stopped abruptly. I heard an exasperated gasp, and finally understood why the torment and fighting would be cut off of its never-ending chain of pain.

Mom was home.

"What the hell happened! Who the fuck are you?" I took advantage of my chance and screamed for my mother. Instantly I heard footsteps run towards me. My mother flew open my creaky door and kneeled down to meet me at the floor.

"Oh my God...Rose you're a mess! What happened!" Suddenly, my father appeared in my doorway, unseen by my mother. He mouthed the words, "Don't you dare." To me, and I shook my head.

"I-I" I was cut short when I heard Louis yell.

"This man beat your daughter!" Louis shoved my father to the side and stared down my mother. She turned to me and looked me sincerely in the eyes.

"Rose, Darling, is this true?" I had to lie, I had to. If I didn't my father was for sure going to get me good, but then the thought hit me, What was Louis going to say if I denied that my dad did?

I took a deep breath, but right before I was about to speak, I felt a sharp object pierce into the side of my head.

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