Holding On

Rose, the word ponders around my crammed mind and all it ever picks out is the color red. Red, the color of love, anger, blood. My name is inexplainable. My life, was inexplainable, until I met him.


28. Backfiring at its Finest




I let about 5 minutes pass until I started teasing Louis. I leaned over the handle, making sure my cleavage showed. Louis smirked and went to kiss me, but I turned my head.

Annoyed, he grabbed the back of my head and pulled it towards him so he could really kiss me this time, but to piss him off even more I leaned all the way over him. I pretended that I slipped, and palmed him through his jeans. While he held his breathe, I acted like I was grabbing Sam's popcorn from her bucket.

"You are so dead." He whispered angrily in my ear as I retracted back into my seat while shoving the popcorn in my mouth. I giggled and directed my head back to the screen.

The main character was in a lab room, trying to get some type of antibiotic while an infected human pounded on the lab door.

I quickly glanced at Louis, who was back to watching the movie. Taking him by surprise, I wiggled my hand to his thigh and squeezed it hard. He didn't notice at first, but when he did he choked on his soda.

I began to inch my hand higher and higher up his thigh until I felt his breathing quicken.

"Rose..." He muttered, trying to move my hand away. Every time he did, I just squeezed harder.

I couldn't help but grin cheek to cheek. After all I was the one making him lose control.

"You have no idea what you're getting into." He muttered once more, finally moving my hand off.

I rolled my eyes and excused myself to the bathroom. The movie wasn't that interesting anyway.

I hopped down the steps of the empty theatre, and walked into the bathroom.

While fixing my makeup, someone bursted through the door, causing me to draw a long black line up to my forehead.

"What the fuck was that back there?" Louis growled, wrapping his arms around my waist and spinning me around.

"You're not supposed to be in hereeeee." I teased, he rolled his eyes.

"You think you can play games with me like that?" He shot back. I was just about to open my mouth, but was taken back by the movements done on my neck.

He sat me up on the bathroom counter, and aggressively bit at my neck, making me feel weak.

"No one teases the Tommo." He muttered in a throaty voice as he sucked on my jawline. I held back my moans through a bit lip. He knew exactly where to kiss me.

He spread my legs apart so his could move his between them. He picked me up, moved me to the handicap stall, and pressed me against the wall. I squeezed my eyes shut as he grinded into me harshly, weakening my knees with every movement.

"P-please..." I begged, pulling at his shirt. He gigged seductively and wiggled his finger side to side.

"Louis fucking hell just take your shirt off already!" I demanded. He laughed at me, and instead ignored my need and decided to rub me through my jeans instead. I groaned and bucked my hips, only to have him put me down.

"Oops...sorry. Sucks doesn't it?" He smirked and walked out of the stall.

"Louis!!" I screamed as he ran out of the bathroom. I couldn't even hold myself up, and instead slid down the stall wall. He is going to pay I thought to myself.

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