Are you alone?

A young girl named Kaila is left alone. Until she meets a boy named Niall. Will they fall in love? Will her "dad" find her?


5. "Whats wrong with Niall?"

~Louis Pov~

 Something is up with Harry I can tell. He is acting really nervous. I wounder if it is because of Kaila. Probably not. Kaila doesnt seem like Harrys kinda of girl. She seems more like  Liam or Niall or even myself.. After everyone was done with breakfast, we all helped clean up. Then we all went into the living room. Liam put in Toy Story. I looked at everyone Niall is sitting next to Liam, Harry is sitting next to me, Kaila is sitting in the middle of Liam and I, Zayn is sitting on the chair. After the movie is finished Kaila fell asleep on Liams shoulder. Niall and Harry both looked jealous, weird.. I put a blanket over Kaila. She looked so cute while she was asleep.

~Liam Pov~

 I looked over to Kaila as she asleep on my shoulder. She reminded me of Dani. Dani always falls asleep on my shoulder when we are watching movies. Some of her hair was in her face. So i took the little bit of hair and put it behind her ear. Niall put in a scary movie. Then sat next to Harry. Why didnt he sit next to me again? Oh well. He has been acting weird ever since Kaila  got here...

~Niall Pov~

Kaila.. Why cant I get her out of my head. I think she is going to fall for Harry not me. I mean who would. Then when I looked at Liam , Kaila is asleep on his shoulder. I look at Louis and whisper to him "Lou meet me in the kitchen " Then I stood up and went into th kitchen as Louis followed me. " Are you okay Niall?" Louis asked me confused. " No.." my voice trailed off. " Whats wrong mate?" Louis asked. " Its Kaila.. She will never look at me like how she looks at any of you guys.." I could feel the tears well up in my eyes. " Niall you are crazy! Kaila will come around and see you are the guy for her trust me" Louis gave me a hug then went back into the living room as I followed.

~Kaila Pov~

I woke up on Liams shoulder. He gave me a smile before I took my head off his shoulder. Then  I looked around as Harry said " Well hello there sleepy head" with his amazing green eyes looking right at me. I could feel myself blush. I looked around then saw Niall. He didnt look at me. What did I do? I got up and went to sit next to Niall. " Hi Niall" He looked at me then looked back at the tv. "Niall?" I put my hand onto his hand then put my head on his shoulder.

~Harry Pov~

 What is going on with Niall? He is complete ignoring Kaila. "Hey Kaila come sit up here with me" She looked at me then got up and sat next to me. "Whats wrong with Niall?" Kaila whispered  "I have no idea". Louis whispered something to Niall but I couldnt tell what he was saying. Everything has been so awkward in the house. Something is telling me that someone is going to do something really stupid.



~Authors note~

Hey! Sorry I havent wrote in awhile! Hope you guys are still reading this. Love you guys! <3



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