Are you alone?

A young girl named Kaila is left alone. Until she meets a boy named Niall. Will they fall in love? Will her "dad" find her?


6. The mistake

 ~Kaila Pov~

 "Whats wrong with Niall?" I whispered to Harry. " I have no idea" What is up with him... Its all my fault that there is so much awkwardness. I should have just killed myself.. Everything would have been ALOT better... Maybe I should just run away.. I mean the only real person who would miss me is my bestfriend Adriana. She knows everything I have been through. I should probably call her or something to know im still alive.. for now.. 


~ Adriana Pov~

"Adriana can you come downstairs for a second?" i heard my mother call me. "Okay mom I'm coming" I ran downstairs to see my mother in tears. "Whats wrong ? Is everything okay?" What happened why is she crying? I haven't heard from Kaila in awhile.. What if her father hurt her?! What if she hurt herself?! Kaila has been there for me in my worst times and some of the best. " Adriana have you heard from Kaila? " I saw she looked scared. Why? I finished walking down the steps and saw.... Alex. "No.. why ? Is she okay? I swear to god Alex if you hurt my bestfriend I will kill you!" My mom looked shocked that I said that to him. She doesn't know about how Alex abuses Kaila. "Adriana! Im so sorry for Adrianas behavior " She looked at me then at Alex. God I hate him.. He shouldn't be alive.. I hope Kaila is okay! " No no its okay she is just worried about her bestfriend"  He said with a fake smile. It took everything in my body not to hit him.

~Alex Pov~

God will that little bitch shut up! I just want to know where that little skank.  I put on a fake smile "No no its okay she is just worried about her bestfriend" I thought she would have been here. Fuck.. Where the hell is she? I guess I will check that little hide out place again. God when I find her im going to kill her!

~Zayn Pov~

" Zayn wake up!" Louis yelled at me. " Im tired leave me alone Lou!" I snapped. Then I felt the chair flip over. I jumped up, shocked. "What was that for?!" they all just laughed "You wouldn't wake up!" Louis said still laughing. Gosh they can be so annoying sometimes.. but they are my family. Niall is sitting there not laughing like everyone else. What? "Hey Niall can I talk to you in my room?" He sighed and got up. When we got into my room he plopped down on my bed and looked sad. Weird he is usually all happy and laughing.. " Niall whats wrong mate?" He looked up at me. " Nothing is wrong why?" I could tell he was lying he is such a bad liar. " Niall I know something is wrong just tell me" he stayed silent for a moment. " Its Kaila.." he trailed off. Really he is sad because of Kaila? Gosh. Probably because Harry is a hard time flirt with everyone. " What about Kaila?" " She likes Harry better than me." Niall... he has MILLIONS  of girls that want to be with him. Why doesnt he just go for one of them? " Niall forget Kaila!" He looked up shocked. "Lets go out clubbing! I am going to tell everyone go get ready" I ran downstaris and yelled " We are going clubbing get ready!" 


~Authors pov~

Hey! I really need to start writing more! Can you guys tell me if you like this movella for me down in the comments! And sorry this chapter stunk! Love you guys <33


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