Are you alone?

A young girl named Kaila is left alone. Until she meets a boy named Niall. Will they fall in love? Will her "dad" find her?


2. Met someone new

~Kaila Pov ~

Today was the day. That I decided I didnt want to stay here. He came up to my room drunk , with his pants at his ankels. I heard the door bell .He told me to stay here. Alex pulled up his pants and went down stairs. I had a bag packed already. I tip toed down the steps and ran out the back door. My mom had this spot she took me to when i was little. I ran and ran till i got there. I hid . Alex came screaming "Im going to find you! Fucking little skank!" I put my hand over my mouth to keep from breathing hard. He left .  When i new for sure he was gone i came out of my hidding spot and sat on a broken bench. And cried.

~Niall Pov~

I got to my secret place. I heard someone crying . So i walked in and she got really scared. She yelled at me "Just leave me  alone alex! Please!" I walked closer to her . I sat nesxt to her on the broken bench. She just looked at me with the tears in her eyes. I asked her " Are you okay love? My name is Niall what  is yours?"



This is my first movella! Leave feed back please!


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