Are you alone?

A young girl named Kaila is left alone. Until she meets a boy named Niall. Will they fall in love? Will her "dad" find her?


4. Everything is going to be fine

  ~Niall pov~

 I wonder what Kaila's dream was about. She was shaking alot. I looked at my watch to see what time it was. Its almost  2 am. I didnt want to wake Kaila.  I went to go pick her up to take her to my bedroom. She looked around the room as we walked up the stairs. As we got to the room. She held on to me really tight.  She was scared. But why would she be scared? I layed her down on the bed, ten walked out of the room back down to the couch. Thinking to myself who would ever try to hurt her? Kaila is so.. its just hard to explain. All I knew is that I have to keep her safe. No one will ever hurt her again. This I swear.

~Kaila pov~

 I woke up in I think Nialls room. As I tumbled out of bed I heard people talking it sounded like Harry and Zayn. " What if this girls father comes and finds her what are we going to do then?" " Then we will protect her, We cant just let some mosnter take Kaila away can we Zayn. You know if it was Perrie you would protect her no matter what" Harry had almost yelled at Zayn. I heard foot steps coming towards the door so  I jumped back into the bed to make it look like I was still sleeping. Harry stood at the side of the bed as he gently put his hand on my arm giving me a very light tap "Kaila wake up love breakfast is ready" I rolled over t the side Harry was on and looked at him "Okay I will be down in a few minutes" as he started to walk away, he looked back at me and said "I left some cloths for you to change into" then he walked out and shut the door. As I put the cloths on I noticed that the cloths smelt like Harry.

~Harry pov~

Kaila is amazing. But I know I have to try and back off because of Niall. I could tell he had a thing going for her. But I just cant get her out of my mind. The way she looks in the morning, how she has amazing blond hair, how I could protect her. Niall came into the kitchen and before saying anything to anyone he looked in the fridge. Kaila came walking down the steps in my cloths. She looked amazing. I mentally smacked myself. Stop thinking about Kaila. But how could I she just a shy little cute girl.


~ authors note~

Hey guys! I will start trying to update more often. if you have any feed back good or bad leave it in the comments I will try to improve this as much as I can thanks love you :)

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