Are you alone?

A young girl named Kaila is left alone. Until she meets a boy named Niall. Will they fall in love? Will her "dad" find her?


1. intro

~Kaila Pov~

Hello im Kaila. I have dirty blonde hair , hazel eyes , and alone. My mom died when i was three. She left me to my "dad". My "dad" name is Alex. He was always  drunk. He startes to abuse me when i turned 13. Four years later nothing has changed. Im still alone. So i decided  i wasnt going to deal with him anymore. I made a plan to run away and never come back.

~Niall Pov~

I hate getting into fights with the boys. It feels like we are always fighting anymore. " I cant deal with you guys im going for a walk" I yelled at them. I was taking a walk one day and i found this very nice peaceful place. So i go there every time i get in a fight with them.



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