My baby in stripes

Arianna-Marie and her best friend Abbie moved to London only three months after finishing their 4 and final year of collage. when they are out on their dailry run of starbucks they meet the boys of their dreams :) whats is going to happen next?


5. YIIPPEEE!!!!!

Abbies POV

i dont know about you guys but i really like Zayn but im not sure he likes me back :( i mean we have only known each other for two days but i mean Arianna, Zayn, Louis, and the rest of the boys, well we have all gotten to know each other more, and i think Zayn is the boy i have been looking for. I think i might love him.

Ariannas POV

i woke up with the sweet smell of bacon and eggs. Right then i knew Harry was cooking something, he is the big one to cook he loves it. when i walked down stairs i noticed Abbie and Zayn talking (flirting) and Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall were all staring at me, but not in a bad way. Louis had his jaw dropped, Harry was licking his lips, Liam was just plain staring, and Niall was sorrta smirking and rubbing his chin. haha it was funny. i relized i was just in my black lace underwear an my black lace bra with a robe..oops!! oh well i thought it would fun to joke with them...especially Louis.

"something wrong boys?" i said seductively. "oh no everything is just fine.." Louis said.  "then why are you staring at me with that look?" "oh nothing.." Harry exclaimed. "im going to go change" i said.."no its fine you can stay in that" Louis sorrda shouted, "oh but i wouldnt wanna torture you poor boys.." i cooed giving Louis a wink, while bending over like i was stretching to let them get a good look at my arse. 

i quickly ran upstairs and put some Jack Wills sweat shorts and hoodie on i looked pretty good i must say so myself. i ran back down only to see something intriguing..all five boys sitting in a circle whispering. "Hey Marie what are they doing?" i hear Abbie ask. "im not quite sure i mean i have heard both of our names come up once or twice.." 

"well i think we should listen" Abbie replied.."sure why not"

Liams POV

"common Zayn we know u and Abbie like each other..why not ask her out or even ask her to move in with us?"    these boys are crazy i mean Louis and Marie obviously love each other ad well Zayn and Ab do too, but there is one problem...Niall, Harry, and I all think Marie is hot too..her beautiful blue eyes and light brown curly hair just match so well...and her soft looking lips and soothing voice...not to mention her curves and bum are amazing too, she is super funny and nice and sweet wow i wish i had her. "well you know i think Zayn should ask Abbie and Louis should ask Arianna" i manage to say.

"man i would love to i mean but i dont know if she likes me back" louis said sadly.  "dude she loves u mate, did you see hoe she winked at you this morning while torturing us?" Niall popped in. "okay but i will tonight i mean it is her birthday tomorrow so well actually i will tomorrow" louis said, "so will I, but with Abbie" Zayn added.

Ariannas POV

"wow i really hope they ask us out Ab"  "yeah me too, lets go over to them" we walk over to the boys, Abbie goes to Zayn and kisses his cheek i can see the boys giving him looks and him blushing. I walk over to Louis and softly bite the top f his ear making him go mad, i can tell me the look in his eyes.

"so what you lads talking about?" i question. "oh nothing love just about how you turn 23 tomorrow on the...16 of April!! only 2 years younger than me" Louis announces "hehe yeah, what are we gonna do?" "i dunno whatever you would like love"

Louis POV

well i need to ask her sooner or later..i mean i want her to move in with me and i really love her.

"hey Marie can i talk with private?" my heart is pounding i dont know what to say. "yeah sure anything" she sayd hopping up from the ground with big smile on her face. "what u want to talk about" she asks..

"well i was wondering if you would be me girlfriend..and well move in with me and the can bring Abbie because Zayn is going to click with her and yeah..would u please be my girlfriend?"

Ariannas POV

"well i was wondering if you would be me girlfriend..and well move in with me and the can bring Abbie because Zayn is going to click with her and yeah..would u please be my girlfriend?" louis questioned his voice sounded nervous and shy.

"of course Lou, i would love to and we can move in tomorrow!"

"oh my love thats great! and it getting late do you want Me to drive you and Abbie home?"

"oh no its okay ill sleep here tonight, do you have a spare room for me and abbie?"

"are you crazy your sleeping with me baby!"

my heart raced i reallly love him and sleeping in the same bed with LOUIS as my boyfriend wow i sure love him.

"hehe okay what about Ab?"

"oh she is sleeping with Zayn :)"

"okay can we go tell everyone about us?"

"sure baby of course"

we walked back to the tellie room to tell everyone, by their faces i could tell they already knew because Zayn and Abbie just got together. " WE ARE OFFICIALLY A COUPLE" louis yelled.."babe dont you think that was a bit loud?" i muttered. "sorry" he whispered back. 

"congrates to are we" Zayn said whilst kissing Abbies hand.

" i think we should be off to bed, we have a big day tomorrow, some ones girlfriend is turning 23!!" liam said.

when we got upstairs louis just pulled his clothes off and went to bed with just Boxers..i went to bed in what i was tired to change.

"good night baby i love you" i said whilst kissing my lips softly

"good night Boo Bear i love u too" i whispered after pulling from the kiss. i loved him and was so happy now so happy.



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