My baby in stripes

Arianna-Marie and her best friend Abbie moved to London only three months after finishing their 4 and final year of collage. when they are out on their dailry run of starbucks they meet the boys of their dreams :) whats is going to happen next?


7. We Need To Talk

Louis POV
I see the way Harry and Liam look at her all the time, i know they love her, maybe even as much as i do. I hope they dont do anything bad to mess us up. I decided today is the day i have a little 'chat' with them. 

"LIAM, HARRY, MAY WE HAVE A TALK PLEASE?" i shouted through the kitchen, "SURRE" they yelled back, whilst walking over to me. I motioned for them to come outside with me. And they did.

"whats up Lou?" Liam said curiously.  "well i know you guys told me to go out with Ariana but i also know you guys love her too..." i started.."and i have been watching you guys over the pass weeks when you guys are around her and i understand how you feel i know she is an amazing girl but i think you guys should be careful with her." i added. "well.." harry muttered "I know for a fact that Liam and i both like her too..but she is really amazing and i think i love her and i think Liam does too, i mean we know you and her have something strong but i dont know what to do about our feeling Lou" harry said sorrda sadly. "I agree" Liam added.

"boys...I understand, just can you guys promise you wont do anything bad?" i asked.."yes" they both said in an annoyed voice. "thank you."

After that i felt relived because i knew they wouldnt do nothing bad. well actually i knew Liam wouldn't but im not sure what Harry will do.

Harry's POV

I listened to Louis very carefully to make sure i understood every word, i can be a bad listener lodes. But i was going to make her mine no matter what i have to do. I mean i wont just break them up but i mean it will happen Ariana will be mine!! "umm Harry what are you so deep in thought about?" Louis said..."oh..umm..nothing" i replied.

After we came back into the kitchen and everyone had fallen asleep on the couch and floor...even my sweet Ariana angle. Gosh i wish she was mine.. i mean i saw her in a bra and underwear..lace to be exact. She is extremely hot! i mean her hair is beautiful its so nice the light brown curls just fall down her back and when she walks or run they bounce around. Well i will get her, she will be mine.

Louis POV
When we walked back inot the kitchen everyone was sleeping, Zayn and Abbie were laying together on the ground, and Niall sitting with Ariana's head on his lap and they were sleeping. I trusted Niall and Zayn with Ariana because I knew they both just loved her as a sister.

Aww...Marie looked so cute when she was sleeping, i just wanted to kiss your so much and hug her tight i sure loved her. I loved her lodes!!







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