My baby in stripes

Arianna-Marie and her best friend Abbie moved to London only three months after finishing their 4 and final year of collage. when they are out on their dailry run of starbucks they meet the boys of their dreams :) whats is going to happen next?


12. we have some news..

Zayns POV

Okay i  know its a bit late but i have some news....well Abbie and i have known each other or about 7 months now, and about 3 months ago we had sex. Sooo, a week or two after that happened we went to the doctor to see if she is pregnant and she was. She is pregnant with one child but we dont know if it is a girl or a boy. Im not sure if we are too young for this but i mean she is 22 and i and 23 so we are fine. I hope it is a little boy i mean i would name him Luca and if it was a girl we would name her Natalia. Gosh i dont know how to tell the boys, but we both agreed to tell everyone today.

Abbies POV

OMGEE im pregnant !! im excited yet exhausted my tummy is getting bigger so i think it is time to tell everyone, once everyone eats breakfast we are gonna tell them . I hope they support us. 


"can we talk everyone?" I ask. "shurr" Ariana says as everyone comes to the telly room to sit. Zayn and i get up and stand in front of them. "Well about three months ago, Abbie and I found some things out" Zayn started, "and as you can see im getting a bit of a belly" i added..."omg dont even tell me" Ariana started.."your prego !!" she yelled !! "well urrm yeah" i muttered.."are you mad?" i asked. "hell no i thinks thats amazing." she screamed "yeah yeah how many more months?" the boys asked "haha only about 6." i added.."great !!" louis said walking out the room..i think there is something wrong. 

Arianas POV

Louis ran out of the room pretty quick, i found him in our room looking out the window. "babe whats wrong?" i motioned "oh nothing, its just that Zayn and Abbie are a bit younger than us and they already have a child on the way and we dont" he said sadly. "babe i know, i want a child i really do i just didnt know how you felt about it.." i replied. He looked up with a smile "I want i want" he said smirking.."haha okay maybe tomorrow night " i said smiling.."kaay sounds great baby" he said kissing me. evrything was great..(:


later that night everyone went to bed but me and Harry, we were still watching a movie. "Urmm Ariana can u do me a favor?" harry asked. "sure what is it?" "can you close your eyes?" i was curious why.."yeah"i said shutting my eyes. Soon i felt soft, warm lips press tightly against mine and i pulled away. "HArry what waas that fur?" i asked furiously. "Ariana I really love you" he said blushing.."well then dont kiss me, next time just tell me" "sorry Marie, can i get you a drink?" wow i loved his kiss it was amazing i donno but his kisses were  a little better than Louis and his were over the top amazing.  "urm yeah a beer please" he went to the kitchen and grabbed me and him a beer and came back. "here yah go" he said handing me the drink, "thanks."

*two hours later*

I was completely drunk, he was also. "Hey Ariana mind coming in my bed with me?" "yeahh sure whatever u want" i slurred. He grabed my hand and we went up stairs..when we got in the room i pulled his shirt off and pushed him on the bed having a snogging session...*SKIP SEX PART*

after i walked to louis bed and fell asleep. I woke up at about 6:00am sweating and my heart beating fast..i ran to the bath room and locked the door. I had remembered what i did last night i felt awfull i searched through my case and found two razor blades, i grabbed the sharpest and started to cut. It really really hurt, these cute were deep and no one could save me hour later i heard a knock on the door.."Ariana is that you?" Niall shouted. I just kept crying and cutting, I was getting light headed i could barley feel my left wrist..."ARIANA LET ME IN RIGHT NOW !!" Niall shouted again.

I opened the door the best i could and Niall rushed in. "arianna what happened what did you do common baby tell me now !!" He said concerned. I loved him as a brother we were super close. "i...i.." then i went black.








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