My baby in stripes

Arianna-Marie and her best friend Abbie moved to London only three months after finishing their 4 and final year of collage. when they are out on their dailry run of starbucks they meet the boys of their dreams :) whats is going to happen next?


4. IT was all because of him.

Louis POV

i saw it for the first time, i cant believe i didnt notice it before.  Just from her left shoulder down to her elbow, a scar. i had never seen it because she was wearing a sweatshirt last night but now in a tank-top i could see it clearly. I was full of questions about this, how did that happen? was it a person? is she okay? everything was rushing threw my mind at this point...i could barley think. 

"Louis can i talk to you please?" i heard a quiet voice say. i didnt reply, "louis? please?" i finally new it was Arianna, "oh yeah sure." she takes my hand and pulls me to the kitchen island and we take a seat. "Louis is everything alright u sorrda froze back there is there anything you need to talk to me about?'

 i was quiet for a while then responded. "well i was wondering where u got that scar on ur arm.." i mumbled. "oh this" i could see the fear and sadness in her eyes."never mind me asking Marie you dot have to tell me it oaky.."  "no! i want to" she says a bit louder. "yes?"


" well it was about 2 years ago, i was dating this boy his name was Nick, we had a good relationship we got along well and did almost everything together. My whole family and friends loved him. It was until the one day, he started getting demanding and way over protective, he wouldnt let me do anything with out him coming and with out him well watching me. i felt scared and very nervous around him. I finally rounded up the courage to break up with him, but he wasnt to happy about it.

one day i was with my friends at the park and i saw him, I tried my best to walk faster but he still came up to me and whispered something that will never get out of my head... "i will get you back Arianna i will" and then he walked off.

that night when i got home and went to my room he was there, sitting in my bed as if he was waiting for me, i told him to get out and he wouldnt he grabbed me and well after that im not sure what happened i blacked out. when i woke up i was covered in bruises and scratches including the cut across my arm. when i looked over there was a note next to my bed say:

Dear Ms. Amzing,

thank you for the wonderful sex last night...i will never forget it. and if you are wondering i dont need you anymore i have a new girlfriend.,

love, Nick. he raped me..

Ever since that i have been like this...ugly scar ugly life."


i couldnt help but get tears in my eyes and she couldnt either. "im so sorry Love thats horrible i will protect you from anyone that tries to hurt you again"

"thanks Lou, can i tell you something?"  "anything love" "well Lou i think well i think i love you.."

" i think, no, i know i love you too Arianna-Marie"

i felt a rush go threw my body i really loved this girl i really do....





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