My baby in stripes

Arianna-Marie and her best friend Abbie moved to London only three months after finishing their 4 and final year of collage. when they are out on their dailry run of starbucks they meet the boys of their dreams :) whats is going to happen next?


8. Authors note please read!!

Hey guys,

Its Ariana. I hope you guys like me FanFic so far, im trying me best to update as much as i can, but with going back and forth to my moms house then to me dads house i dont have much time. I hope you guys like it, and Im thinking if I get up to 100 reads i will probably write a second book after.

How would you guys fell if i made each story a little shorter than usual?? just comment below.

how many chapters in each book should i have?? comment please!!

thanks loves,

Ariana-Marie Ballesteros (:

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