My baby in stripes

Arianna-Marie and her best friend Abbie moved to London only three months after finishing their 4 and final year of collage. when they are out on their dailry run of starbucks they meet the boys of their dreams :) whats is going to happen next?


11. Arriving (:

Liams POV
wow i cant wait to spend a massive amount of time with everyone here i know this will be amazing!! and more of seeing Ariana in her bathing suits and/or undergarments.

Harrys POV
omg is all i can think. this is going to be the best few weeks of my life !!

Nialls POV

We got to the beach house at about 10:45am we left at 9:00am just to make sure. When the girls got out of the car they slowly started walking to the door making sure they good see everything, the view was amazing, im guessing thats why it took them so long to walk. "guys this..this is amazing" Abbie stated.."Im with they blondy" Ariana added. The boys and I laughed at their voices and faces. "common in we will show you your rooms loves" Harry said while opening the door.

There were 5 rooms in the house, a bathroom for each, a huge kitchen, a telly room, and a library just to chill. i love this house i think it is amazing, oh yeah, and there is a pool near the stairs down to the beach out in the back. "can we go to the beach?" Louis asked "of course tell everyone to get ready" i reply with joy.

Louis POV

We started down the beach to our private little place. It was quiet. The girls took a seat in the sand and started to play with it like little kids. I played too so did Zayn. "arent you coming in?" i asked while getting up and pointing to the water. "oh i umm..sure" Ariana hesitated to say. "you arent scared are you love?" i questioned.."only a little" she said looking down at the ground. "its okay take my hand" i motioned.  Her small little hang grasped on mine perfectly and out fingers molded together like clay. We started down the beach towards the water and then i felt a pull. "i cant go im to scared" she muttered.."baby no its okay ill carry you in" i replied with a smile. "oh-oh-okaayy" she whispered..i picked her up bridal styles and we walked down to the water and i plopped her down.  "just stand here with me" i said as the water rose it touched our toes and she leaped back. "whats wrong love?" i asked.."its freezing" she said. "its okay how about we go together?" i ask. "surre" she says.

we jump into the water and so does everyone else. Her and Abbie were a little shaky at first but then they were okay. As it started to get dark we all went back to the house to warm up and watch a movie. Everyone had already finished and we were last to get there. Everyone was watching a movei so we walked upstairs to dress. "Im going to take a shower babe" Ari said. "okay can i take one with you?" i asked with a smirk..."umm..well.. you know we would both be naked right?" she said smiling.."thats the point" i smirked putting my hands on her hips and pulling her close.."well i guess so but down go toooo crazzzyy" she said. She pulled me into the bathroom and locked the door. stil holding to my hand we turned on the shower and got even without close she looked well sexy..

she had amazing curves like perfect curves when we were in there we washed up, i could feel i was getting hard.."babe you hard" she giggled.."sorry its all beacuse of you baby" i said smiling and pulling her close so i could run my hands up and down her body. "save the sex for the bed babe" she said while kissing my neck..."but its so hard" i whined "sorry you have to wait" she said smacking my bum and turning the water off.

When we got out we got dressed and ran down stairs to watch the movie.


after movie everyone went to bed, everyone but us. When we got into the room she shut the door and locked it shoving me on the bed and straddling me. i pulled her close and that turned into a snogging session..."can I?" i asked for permission to take her shirt off "I dont care" she replied. i pulled her top and bottoms off and she pulled mine off...all we had were underwear...even she had no bra on. we made out for a while until i got hard. I slid into her slowly and i could tell it was hurting her but she kept going (DONT WORRY WE USED PROTECTION WE ARE TOO YOUNG FOR CHILDREN)  after a while i rolled off of her, and we fell asleep.

"i love you baby" i whispered "i love you too babe" she replied quietly before falling to sleep.


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