My baby in stripes

Arianna-Marie and her best friend Abbie moved to London only three months after finishing their 4 and final year of collage. when they are out on their dailry run of starbucks they meet the boys of their dreams :) whats is going to happen next?


14. 5 months later

Louis POV

well Ariana has been Pregnant for about 5 1/2 months now and Abbie is due in a few weeks. She is due on May 15. Abbie is having a baby girl and they are naming her Natalia Rose Malik. OH YEAH ! i almost forgot Zayn prepossessed to Ab and I prepossessed to Ari. We are having a double wedding on June 9 at the beach. What else..umm Harry got a girlfriend and so did Liam...they are in love and Niall is crushing on a Nando's server. Everything is great. I will update you about everything in about...a month for the wedding and then welll three months for when Ari has her baby :)

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