The Blonde Boy

Niall Horan has just moved to Seattle and is utterly lost in this new world. His mum and dad fight constantly, his sister has an abusive boyfriend, and he can't escape the madness going on in his new home. That is, until he meets Peyton.

Peyton LaCosta has lived in Seattle her whole life. She seems to have everything in life she's ever wanted- amazing friends, loving parents, and not to mention a great home life. Yet even with everything she has, she feels completely lonely. That is, until she meets Niall.


4. Unexpected Guest

I walk into my house, still feeling the burn on my lower thigh. The stinging was tolerable, but the thing just looked disgusting. I step into the bathroom, peeling off my jeans, and lather my thigh in neosporin and Vaseline. Lucky for me, this soothed the burning down by at least 75%. I cover my wound with a large bandage and slip my holey jeans back on. I figure I might as well go back to school considering my mother wasn't home from work, but my thoughts were interrupted when the doorbell rung. 

I step into the hallway, lugging myself lazily to the door. I peek through the peep hole and no one is there, so I step outside. Looking around, there is no one in sight. I look down and written in small pebbles were the words "I'm Sorry". Just then I hear a ruffling in the bushes and out pops Niall, blushing nervously, waiting for my response. 

"Do you forgive me?" he asks, voice cracking. I nod my head.

"I already forgave you Niall. Like three times." I chuckle and smile at him as he awkwardly laughs and just stands still. "Want to come in?" I gesture my hand towards the front door, which I was now standing directly in front of. I pick up the rocks as he shrugs.

"Sure." he says, and helps me clean off the front porch that was now covered in little pebbles. When we're finished I lead him inside and show him around the house and he gapes at the size.

"It's so...big." he says with a stunned look on his face as we walk into the kitchen. "Well, compared to my home back in Ireland." Tears brim his eyes as he says those words.

"You miss it don't you?" I whisper, feeling bad that he'd left behind everything he loved. He nods and stares at the floor while I fix him a glass of water. He takes it gratefully from me and sips it slightly, setting it down on the granite counter. 

"It's okay," I coo, giving him a squeeze. As I try to let go of our embrace, he holds on to me, keeping me in my place. Although we'd just met, I felt a strange yet satisfying feeling for him. It was something I'd never experienced before-and I didn't quite know what it was yet about him that made me feel connected. He lets go and blushes, realizing he'd held me there for over a minute now.

"Sorry.." he whispers hesitantly. I roll my eyes.

"You apologize a lot, don't you?" I smile and he laughs. 

"I guess I do, don't I?" I nod reassuringly and sit down on a bar stool. 

"I really don't feel like going back to school, do you?" As he shakes his head I smile. "In that case, are you hungry?" 

His stomach grumbles as if on-command. "Yes!" he exclaims, rubbing his stomach. We decide on making a batch of cookies as a snack. He and I get out all the ingredients and start on making the dough. 

"How much flour goes in here?" He asks, pointing to the bowl. 

"Hmm... why don't you estimate?" I decide, cracking eggs on the side of the mixing bowl. 

"How about this much? He questions, and as I look at him a cup full of flour is thrown into my face. He laughs out loud and falls to the floor, tears filling his eyes as he starts breathing in the flour and coughing out his chuckles. 

"I wouldn't have done that if I were you." A devilish grin plasters on my face, grabbing an egg and cracking it directly over his gorgeous hair. 

"My hair!" He screams, standing up and combing his fingers through. "How could you?" He smirks, a hint of laughter in his voice. Before he can do anything else to me I take a hand into the bag of flour and spread it all over his face, white as a ghost. 

"Oh no you di-dn't!" He says with a sassy tone. His Irish accent is adorable, and I pause. Bad mistake. Eggs are cracked into my hair as well, and I scream flinging chocolate chips down his pants. We both cackle away, so hard that we fall to the floor with pain in our chests from giggling so hard. We roll around on the tile, covered in flour, and get even messier than before.

When we finish our fit of laughter we stand up, look at each other, and laugh again. The sight of Niall covered in flour and egg was hysterical, sticky drops of egg falling to the floor. We stare at each other for a moment, marveling at what just happened. Then, Niall pulls my hips towards him, and grasps my chin. His lips plaster to mine and our floury mouths move in sync to our heartbeats. As we pull away his cheeks turn the brightest shade of tomato red I've ever seen- so bright it can be seen through the many layers of white powder smeared all over his face. 

"I-I've got to go now.." He whispers quietly, and before I can say anything he runs out the door, forgetting his jacket hanging over the back of the chair. My fingers move up to my powdery lips, a tingling sensation left there from his passionate kiss. I try to rethink the events of what just happen as I clean up the giant mess we've made in the kitchen.

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