The Blonde Boy

Niall Horan has just moved to Seattle and is utterly lost in this new world. His mum and dad fight constantly, his sister has an abusive boyfriend, and he can't escape the madness going on in his new home. That is, until he meets Peyton.

Peyton LaCosta has lived in Seattle her whole life. She seems to have everything in life she's ever wanted- amazing friends, loving parents, and not to mention a great home life. Yet even with everything she has, she feels completely lonely. That is, until she meets Niall.


5. Family Matters


I run home in a trance realizing that I couldn't take back what I'd just done. A horn beeps at me on the side of the road, a girl in the passenger's seat rolling down her window and shouting "Nice makeup!" I blush and realize the flour was still all over my face, eggs dripping from my hair as I continued jogging down the road towards my new home. But it wasn't actually a home-it was more like a trailer, the four of us sharing three rooms between us. We suffocated each other living in close proximity, invading one another's quarters. The money used to  move didn't leave us enough to buy a house or even an apartment yet, and until then we were stuck renting this piece of junk in a trailer park. 

As I pull open the door of our tiny living space I hear shouting echo off the close walls. I slowly step back out, silently shutting the door as I press my ear to the glass, listening in to the conversation. Small sobs escape from my mother's lips as she screams at my father.

"How could you do this to me?" She shouts, another sob coming from her mouth. "Think of your children!" She cries. I hear a loud smack as a tear slides down my cheek, leaving a wet streak on my powdery face. 

"I-I'm so sorry, I can't tell you how sorry I am for what I have done." His tone is soft, peaceful even, but his voice can barely be heard over the loud gasping coming from my mother's crying. 

"For once in my life I am not forgiving you." She states clearly, her sobs calming down. "Leave." She speaks calmly. "Now." A wave of terror rushes through my body as I realized what's happening. I hear footsteps coming towards the door. "And don't come back." I peek into the window to see a tear sliding down her cheek. My father has a red palm print covering the side of his face. 

A creak is heard as the door opens. My father steps out, dead in his tracks, tears in his eyes. He mouths the words I'm sorry, gets in his car, and drives away. I reach for the handle hesitantly, opening the door slightly and dipping my head inside. 

"Mum?" I whisper, looking over to her tear-streaked face. She holds her knees to her chest, burying her head in them as she slowly rocks back and forth. I walk to her and sit down, holding her tight and telling her it'll be alright. She tells me of what my father did and I find myself shocked, hearing something I'd never even thought to be the slightest bit true. I lay my head on her shoulder, rubbing circles into her back and stroking her long blonde hair to calm her. 

"I can't do this." She whispers in a hushed tone. She stands up and walks toward the closet, pulling out a suitcase that was already packed. She heads to the door, pausing slightly before opening it. "I'm sorry, Niall. I love you." She says, and walks out. I turn around and sit, letting all of my emotions slip from my as I scream into the cushion. As I sit up i see a slip of paper lying on the floor by the closet. It says "Taking some time away. I love you. I'll be back -Mum" 

I took in the situation I was left in, looking around the room as I searched for answers. My sister was nowhere in sight, but she was old enough to take care of herself. I leave a note for her and tell her not to worry about me. I gather my small amount of things, step into the cool evening air, and run to the only place I can think of going. Peyton's.


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