The Blonde Boy

Niall Horan has just moved to Seattle and is utterly lost in this new world. His mum and dad fight constantly, his sister has an abusive boyfriend, and he can't escape the madness going on in his new home. That is, until he meets Peyton.

Peyton LaCosta has lived in Seattle her whole life. She seems to have everything in life she's ever wanted- amazing friends, loving parents, and not to mention a great home life. Yet even with everything she has, she feels completely lonely. That is, until she meets Niall.


8. A/N Again, Sorry.

A/N If you didn't notice, I added more to the last chapter. So if you haven't read the updated version feel free to! I didn't add too much, but enough to give the chapter a finished gloss. Do you want my chapters to be longer? If you want I can. But that also means I would be updating less frequently. So littler/more chapters in spread out periods of time or longer/less chapters in longer periods of time. Either way is fine with me. Thanks for reading, liking, favoriting, and commenting! :) <3 ~Sarah


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