They Dont Know About Us

Kate's mother had died a few years ago from a car crash. She is an only child living with her dad (jack). They move to Mullingar - Ireland because of Jack's career. Kate meets Niall from the boy band One Direction. When Niall meets Jack, Jack disapproves of him. So Kate and jack decide to hide their relationship from him even through Niall's fame.


2. life changing news

I just got up and was eating Breakfast. I heard dad in the livingroom on the phone talking about Ireland or something. I finished and put my bowl in the sink and my dad came in. "kate, sit down for a minute" he said. I sat down on the dining room chair and so did he. "i just got off the phone from work" he said. "And... Were moving to Ireland" he said. At first i was shocked. "What?! Why?! what about our friends and family?!" i yelled. He answered: "we have no choice, we must go there because if we dont, there will be no longer be a home here for us."

*one week later*

I finished packing for our move to Mullingar - Ireland. I carried my suitcase to our car and eventually flung it into the boot. Dad brought his suitcase around and easily put it in the car. We started to drive off to the airport. When we arrived, we parked our car and walked into the building. We waited in line for our tickets for 15 minutes. We waited on the uncomfortable seats until our plane arrived. We boarded and took our seat in the back of the plane. When we left, it felt so weird, knowing we would probably never come back again. But i cant wait till our new life in ireland. "excited?" dad asked me. "you have no idea". he smiled and leaned back. I looked out the window of the plane as we went further and further away from home.

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