They Dont Know About Us

Kate's mother had died a few years ago from a car crash. She is an only child living with her dad (jack). They move to Mullingar - Ireland because of Jack's career. Kate meets Niall from the boy band One Direction. When Niall meets Jack, Jack disapproves of him. So Kate and jack decide to hide their relationship from him even through Niall's fame.


5. Blonde Boy

Kate's POV:

I quickly put on my bikini and headed out to the beach. I walked along the footpath and started to smell the saltwater. I walked along the sand with my towel under my arm. It was 8:00pm so it was dark and nobody there, except one boy thats sitting watching the ocean. I walked and sat down about 25 metres away from him. I layed back and enjoyed the peace and quiet. In the corner of my eye i looked over and saw the boy get up with his towel and headed closer this way.

Niall's POV:

I looked across at the beach and had saw this girl, all alone. I got up with my towel and started walking over to her. She became more and more beautiful the closer i got to her. I was eventually standing next to her. "hey, i'm Niall. Mind if i sit here?" i asked. "sure" she said warmly. I put my towel down and layed on it. "my name's Kate by the way" she said. "what a beautiful name" i said. She smiled at the ground. "so, do you wanna maybe go out for lunch tomorrow?" i asked. "i'd love to!" she said. We exchanged numbers.

Kate's POV:

He was so nice, and attractive. I couldn't wait to get to know him better. "do you know who i am?" asked Niall. "you're Niall..." i said confused. "no, well yes, but im in a worldwide famous boyband called One Direction." he said. He talked about the band until it was time to go. "so, i'll see you tomorrow" i said. "can't wait" he answered. He gently stroked and kissed me on the cheek. He was irresistable. "i'll see you later" he whispered. And walked home

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