They Dont Know About Us

Kate's mother had died a few years ago from a car crash. She is an only child living with her dad (jack). They move to Mullingar - Ireland because of Jack's career. Kate meets Niall from the boy band One Direction. When Niall meets Jack, Jack disapproves of him. So Kate and jack decide to hide their relationship from him even through Niall's fame.


3. Arrival

We landed 4 days ago. I have to admit, its alot better here. I have already made great new friends and am searching for a part time job.  We live in the city in an apartment. Its quite nice, its open and fresh. "kate! im going out to the shops, do you want to stay here or come too?" he called out. "ummm, i'll come!" i yelled back. We walked down the long staircase and walked just across the street to the grocery store. We walked through the doors and saw it was only little. We walked around picking up the things we needed. We went to the cash register and payed for our stuff. We finally arrived back at the apartment and we put away our food. "so how is it here?" Dad asked. "its great, do you like it?" "yes" he answered. We talked a bit about Ireland. After about half an hour, i decided to go out to the shops to buy some new clothes. I had to walk to the shopping centre as we had no car yet. When i arrived i walked into a few shops and got dresses, shoes, tops, and shorts. I had picked out a beautiful short cocktail dress that was blue, it had a thin sparkly strap over one shoulder and a silver belt on the lower chest with a blue patterned ring in the middle. And some sparkly silver heels.  I arrived home and put them away in my cupboard. Soon i was hoping to go to the beach and meet some people. But i had no idea that i was about to meet the boy of my dreams.

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