The friends we used to be

Hi my name is lulu. Lulu Hernandez. I'm 18 and used to be good friends with a boy named harry styles for as long as I can remember and when I moved from Holmes chapels to America when I was 13,it all change and I've never seen him since until in 2010 my friend showed me there new video "what makes you beautiful" That's when it all changed.


7. Truth or dare

When I saw him I almost died. I thought I never find him. When he saw me his eyes widened and his green emerald eyes showed. I smile and said "its been a long time brother" like in one of those movies like we used to do when we were little before we moved. He laughed and said" well, it's the harry in the flesh. " I ran up to him leaving the boys behind me In confusion and whispered in Harry's ear" I thought I lost u forever" he chuckled and I started crying with him" I thought I never find u " I laughed and squeezed him tighter. When I let go, the boys looked at me and said " you know harry" all in unison. I laughed and said" yeah. I was his childhood best friend. " Niall said " ok not Meaning to ruin the family reunion but... IM HUNGRY" I laughed and said "me to let's go get some nandos " they all said "sure"and Niall in particular said " U ALREAY KNOW ME SO WELL" and so I said "just call me you food buddy " we laughed and said " alright ". When we were done at nandos , I said "well I better get home. I took to much of your time. " they all said " no u didn't" all in unison. Seems like they do that a lot. I said "well then... Lets go " when we got back to our room Louis said "let's play truth or dare" I said "why not ". Liam went first " harry truth or dare "" uhhhhh dare" I dare u to get water and pore it all over yor hair " when he did that we all broke down laughing and him mad . And now it was Louis turn " lulu truth or dare""dare ""I dare u to kiss harry for 10 seconds " my face went white and so did Harry's. Louis said "you know if undoing want to do it you don't have to u can always do wat we have to do web we don't do a dare you can go outside butt naked knock on a door and ask for a cup of surger. " song went up to harry and he said "it's ok "I said "ok" so when we leaned in the boys got closer and as our nose touched his lips touched mine. It seemed we were like that for hours but it was only ten seconds and then Louis cleared his throat making us part. And blush.
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