The friends we used to be

Hi my name is lulu. Lulu Hernandez. I'm 18 and used to be good friends with a boy named harry styles for as long as I can remember and when I moved from Holmes chapels to America when I was 13,it all change and I've never seen him since until in 2010 my friend showed me there new video "what makes you beautiful" That's when it all changed.


4. Thinking

Since it was about the end of the year of 2012, I thought I would walk around and get the last of the years air. When I was walking I noticed a crowd. I was thinking of harry and said it couldn't possible be him and sure enough I was right it was other people I recognized but where from??
"Umm little girl, why is there such a big crowd" I asked the little girl and she said"it's Niall,Louis and zayn, you better go they don't want a skanky bitch to ruin there day" I have to admit,that hurt me...ALOT. I walked away with tears in my eyes and then there was a firm grip on my wrist to see a boy with blond hair,blue eyes and a heavy Irish accent." Follow me"he said. At first I wasn't so sure but my heart said go and I did. He said "I heard what that little girl said to you and no girl should ever be treated that way is there any way I could repay you. " I thought about it for a second think this is a one in a life chance opportunity but I said" no , I'm fine really"he didn't seem so sure but said ok. When I was walking home I saw them again and thought to my self' are they following me' Niall saw me ,ran to me and gave me the biggest bear hug ... EVER!!!
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