The friends we used to be

Hi my name is lulu. Lulu Hernandez. I'm 18 and used to be good friends with a boy named harry styles for as long as I can remember and when I moved from Holmes chapels to America when I was 13,it all change and I've never seen him since until in 2010 my friend showed me there new video "what makes you beautiful" That's when it all changed.


8. The question

Lulus POV When we kissed it felt magical with so much passion and love. I just wished he felt the same. Harry's POV OH MY GOD when we kissed I felt sparks. I know it sound cliche but it was true. I swear she can be the death of me. But I never realized how muck I've loved her until the kiss. Her pink lips. Her turquoise eyes. That long beautiful brown natural curly hair I just wanna run my finger in. OMG and her curves. I just wanna make her min- WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!! She'll never fall for you. Plus you have Taylor!! Well it wouldn't hurt to try though. I just wanted to ask her out then and there but I knew that would be rude. I think. So instead I asked "would you like to go to the park like we used to" and I was so nervous I didn't want her to say no. " of course harry " she said and blushed. She looked so adorable when she blushed. Insid I was like yayayayayayayayayYya but instead u was smiling like a dork but I didn't realize it until she was laughing like crazy. Lulu's POV I was laughing so hard I swear I was gonna piss my pants" what's so Funny" he ask with confusion on his face" your face " I said as I calmed down "can we just go" he said a little annoyed " lets go SUPERMAN"

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