The friends we used to be

Hi my name is lulu. Lulu Hernandez. I'm 18 and used to be good friends with a boy named harry styles for as long as I can remember and when I moved from Holmes chapels to America when I was 13,it all change and I've never seen him since until in 2010 my friend showed me there new video "what makes you beautiful" That's when it all changed.


5. seeing him

When he finished 'breaking my spine'he said" oh my god you live here""yeah I live in 1e" insaid and he said"we live in 1d " ironic ain't it.then he grabbed my wrist and pulled me over to Louis and zayn and said" hey this is lulu and shell be meeting the lads" when he said that I was shocked and said "ummm aperently I'm meeting your friends" and not thinking went with them. When we were in the elevator some girls started screaming and asking for autographs and one little girl asked if I could take the the pic for them. Of course I wasn't gonna say no so I took the pic and gave it back to her. She said thanks and pulled me close and said" go kill yourself and die, bitch" after she said that I started tearing up and tried to hold it back so louis ,zayn,and niall wouldnt see but they seen my eyes glissen and started to get a worried look. When we got on our floor zayn aaid"don't cry love, ther rude all the time to girls we have over" that didn't make me feel better because I felt like he was a player but said "thanks" he kissed my cheek and opened the door and that's when I saw... HIM.
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