Wonders of that Girl

in London as Zayn was walking down his street here came the 5 annoying girls. he just walked with them around him. as he walked in Starbucks to meet the other boys he saw a girl sitting alone. he went up to her. he went up to her but she looked at him and walked away. Zayn had to find out who she was!


1. P.O.V. Zayn Malik

       Monday morning I got a call from Harry and we are going to meet at Starbucks.When I walked outside these girls were following me. I started to run but they chased me around the whole time, I was tired when i got their but finally they boys got them off me. They were like a pack of wolves. Then we started to talk about are day and Harry was just getting better from the flu, he was lucky that it didn't last long. Niall told me that he just got done eating four whole pizzas. He must of been hungry. Louis and Liam went to play laser tag, they lost cause they were so noticeable cause the wore white. Then I turned around then I saw the girl of my dreams, she was sitting alone.

I walked over to her she had the most beautiful  eyes in the world. I said hi, she didnt notice me at all. I said it about five more times till i finally got her attention and I said hi, she just looked away. When I sat down with her she got up and walked away I chased her but then she ran off to her car and left. I thought ill never see her again but then I noticed she dropped her driver licenses. I picked it up her name was wonderful it fit her just right. Her name was....... perfect for her. ( shortest chapter their will be )

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