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Mariah Collins just turned fourteen and is the youngest of her grade. Which makes her get teased.Alot. And only being 4'10 as a freshman doesn't help. But looks can be decieving, Mariah is the best basketball player on her team and plays for Varsity. But since her step-dad was but in jail for child abuse, she begins to recieve threats from the unknown and doesn't know who to look up to for help. She lives with an emotionally unstable mother who never leaves the house and will she have to rely on the one person who will actually might take care of her?


1. What was thought to be the end

I felt the cool crisp air rush past my ears as I dribbled behind my back around the towering 5'11 oppenent player and I glanced at the clock. 5 seconds to shoot and we win our first game, as of now, the score was 64-64. I perfectly spun around an oppenent and went up to shoot the winning basket at the three point line. 3.....2......1..... *lound ring sounds out gym.* exactly as the basketball swished through the net. That's it. We won. I grinned in exitement and ran over to cheer with my team. The thing is, I'm not really accepted in the team by my teammates, because I'm a freshman. On a varsity team, and I'm also barely tall enough to ride half the rollercoasters at the amusement park down the street. 4'10 honey, and only fourteen. You might be able to imagine why I love school. *Note the sarcasm.* "Great job girls!" Coach Wenn announced in happiness. "Now, practice tommorow and expect to run sucicides, we gotta keep ourselves in shape, right?" She walked away and one of the taller, lankier seniors, Amber glared at me. "Way to go Mariah, now we have to run!"

I scoffed at her, "Are you serious right now? Sorry for letting us win the game, I'll keep note that you'd rather lose just so you didn't have to run." She rolled her eyes. "Just stay out of my way, watching you play is just making me worse." I shook my head in disbelief and walked out, trying not to let the idiotic blonde get to me. I noticed a cop car outside the school and a police officer coming towards me.

I kept on going, curiosity getting the best of me. I wondered what this was all about. I didn't have time for this, Damien was expecting me home ten minutes ago, if something held me up any longer, I didn't know how I would get punished, although I expected it to be violent and injure me. "Miss Collins," The police officer called out to me. I looked up to see him right in front of me. "Yes, is there a problem?" I asked. "This is about your step-father, Damien White, he's been arrested for drug use and child abuse." The officer said sternly. I nodded when realization hit me, I've waited for my life to improve for years. I could'nt help the stray tear trickle down my face as I smiled. It was time, my life was just about to actually begin.




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