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Mariah Collins just turned fourteen and is the youngest of her grade. Which makes her get teased.Alot. And only being 4'10 as a freshman doesn't help. But looks can be decieving, Mariah is the best basketball player on her team and plays for Varsity. But since her step-dad was but in jail for child abuse, she begins to recieve threats from the unknown and doesn't know who to look up to for help. She lives with an emotionally unstable mother who never leaves the house and will she have to rely on the one person who will actually might take care of her?


2. No one needs to know

The police officer drove me home in silence. I quietly muttered a thank you when I got to my large house on the big lake and slowly walked in the dead silent house. My mom, as always was sitting quietly on the worn out green comforter lain on her bed. Her room was an ivory color, which mixed well with the forest green and the beautiful dark oak wood flooring. No wonder she never left the beautiful room. "We won." I whispered. She glanced up at me, as if she didn't even notice my presence. It was a shame that my gorgeous mother never stepped foot outside our property. She had platinum blonde, wavy hair that spiraled down to her elbows and enticing sky blue eyes. I envied her appearance. It was so unlike my own. My mouse brown hair was barely reaching my butt and I had the boring light brown eyes. Both from my dad. My real dad. The one who left us.

I didn't realize how long i was spaced out because eventually, my mom was no longer in the same room. I sighed and just decided to go outside to be by the lake; it was my calming place to unwind. The air outside was chilly, but I didn't mind. It was in fact Fall, and that's when the lake begans to look even more beautiful. The trees around it begin to turn color and they surround the lake, the whole view looks like a sea of colors with the added sunset which always falls in the perfect spot.

I ran towards the lake until I reached the tallest tree. I easily scaled the tree and I was soon at the highest, stable branch. I smiled at the view.

"Who the heck are you?" A voice behind me echoed. I jumped and turned around as fast as possible to see a guy looking at me in confusion. "I'm Mariah. I think I should be asking you why you are on my property. On my lake." I hissed. He held up his hands in defeat. "Look I just moved in next door, and everyone has been telling me that no one lives there." He answered, pointing at my chocolate brown mansion. "So, no one owns this tree." He concluded. I rolled my eyes. "Get off my property." I said, plainly. He gave me a smirk. " Nope." I narrowed my eyes at him. "What is your problem anyways?" He continued. "You." i muttered.

"Please, you dont even know me." He replied.

"Then tell me about you." i challenged.

"My name's Dean-"

"Oh that's weird, you actually thought i cared. Now leave." I growled.

"Fine. Whatever"

I rolled my eyes. What an idiot.

After a while, I began to climb down the tree when a piece of paper caught my eye. I picked up the paper and opened it.

But I wish I hadn't.


Cliff Hanger :P

Sooo, here's chapter 2! comment your thoughts, like, favorite, any ideas please tell me!!




















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