I'm here for you

Brianna seems just like you average junior at school but when you go behind the scenes and visit her after school which no one has since she was 12, you find that her family has a ton of struggles and relies on her to keep the house running in some what shape! Do people learn to not judge a book by its cover or will Someone see through her fake smile that no one has been able to do. Brianna also known as Bri used to be a some what popular kid who was a cheerleader and got really girly but loved to play sports with the guys. But what they don't know is she comes home cleaning, cooking, and trying to pay the bills. Now she is just your quite girl in the back of the class who just wants to have fun but doesn't want to be in trouble or doesn't want to make a fool of her self. Will she finally brake that shell or will she stay hidden on her fresh start!? Will she stay scared and hidden or will she bump into someone she gets to know?! Read to find out!!


3. Runaway Girl

**Harry's POV**

   I woke up. thats when I realised, there we were, snuggling on the couch with no one around. I just looked at her. I mean she is so beautiful, the way her hair flows perfectly, and her cheekbones were just so high, and the way she sorta smiles while she is dreaming. I wonder what she is dreaming about? OMG Harry!!! Stop you can't fall for this random girl. You can't break her heart like all the others. But she is just so...innocent and mysterious...She is waking up!!! Act asleep Harry! GO!!

**Brianna's POV**

I woke up and felt safe in his arms. I don't know why? I just do. I was still pretending to be asleep when I felt like I was being watched. I looked up and saw him sleeping. All I could do is snuggle closer. When I did I felt his grip tighten on me, almost telling me never to leave. I gratefully complied falling back to sleep.

Five Minutes Later

I woke up again, But this time to the sound of cellphone and cameras taking pictures! I opened my eyes right away and gently got out of Harry's grip. "You guys are too cute!" Louis said. showing me the photos. they were really cute though.

"So are you guys together?"Eleanor asked, pulling me in a separate room with all the girls.

"No. I just got tired and I get REALLY cuddly when I'm tired. It's a curse and a blessing at some moments." I said trying to defend my self.

"Whatever you say!"Eleanor said kida with a playful sassy tone. Now I see why she has Louis who is Very Sassy. Hahaha.

We walked back out to the boys and Harry was finally awake. He caught my glance and smiled, So I just returned it. "You know, you're smiling in all of these photos!" Harry chuckled cheekily.

"I know I smile in my sleep. I get it from my mom..."I answer realising its 11:50 and I have to be at the hospital in ten minutes to pick up my mum! " I got to go!" I say all scared and rushing around getting all my stuff together.

" You can't leave!" Harry pouted giving me the puppy dog face. It was hard to resist.

"I'm sorry. I had fun Harry, but I HAVE to go."I said walking out of the house. He followed.

"At Least let me drive you."He offered tugging on my wrist. All I did was give a little nod. He guided me to a car. I didn't know the type, speaking that I don't own a car and don't really know about them.

The Car ride was silent besides me informing him to the exact location. I didn't lead him home. instead I lead him to a house three blocks down from the hospital. "Thanks Harry...for the ride." I awkwardly said getting out of the car. He only returned with a nod. I walked around back to make it look like i was entering through the back door and waited for him to leave. Once all clear I started my walk towards the hospital.

I managed to get to the hospital with two minutes to spare. I walk to the front counter and signed my mom out. She made me smile while she was walking down that hallway to leave.My mom was always strong. Even at the age of 57 with a deathly sickness, She walks down that hallway to leave with the brightest smile you've ever seen waving at everyone, wishing them a good week. She is like a light hearted teenager strutting around without a worry in the world, I am so proud of my mum for being so strong through this whole thing. Everything...I bet Grandpa is proud.

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