I'm here for you

Brianna seems just like you average junior at school but when you go behind the scenes and visit her after school which no one has since she was 12, you find that her family has a ton of struggles and relies on her to keep the house running in some what shape! Do people learn to not judge a book by its cover or will Someone see through her fake smile that no one has been able to do. Brianna also known as Bri used to be a some what popular kid who was a cheerleader and got really girly but loved to play sports with the guys. But what they don't know is she comes home cleaning, cooking, and trying to pay the bills. Now she is just your quite girl in the back of the class who just wants to have fun but doesn't want to be in trouble or doesn't want to make a fool of her self. Will she finally brake that shell or will she stay hidden on her fresh start!? Will she stay scared and hidden or will she bump into someone she gets to know?! Read to find out!!


1. Intro

**Brianna's POV**

You may see all of those little stories and they are like Cinderella were the poor gets the Prince Charming. Well that doesn't happen in real life! In reality the poor works and works. It what they are meant to do. I used to not always be the poor kid. I used to be the medium class kid that every one wanted to be friends with, I use to be a cheerleader, I use to be a dancer, and I use to have dreams of growing to be a big pop star one day. But that all change one night after a basket ball game I had to cheer at...


"Hey mom what wrong?..." I ask my mum. She is usually inside talking to everyone and trying to embarrass me in front of my friends.

 "Nothing I just have to pick up Brooke from winter gaurd and then I will spill the big news..." My mom answered not with to much enthusiasm either.

"Okay..." I say unsure while putting a fake smile. The Car trip was long but we got to the high school right in time. "So mum what did you want to tell us?" I asked not wanting to worry anymore.               "Oh we are just running behind on some bills and they lowered my paycheck, the usual." She said normally.

About ten minuets has passed and we're almost home and Brooke decides to break the awkward silence "Hey mom I need tampons, we're all out."

"I'll find you some... I'm getting a loan from a friend tomorrow after work. That should be enough?" My mom stated will asking the last part.

I pretend to dose off and started eves dropping on their conversation. "I don't know what to do Brooke." "It's okay I have some money saved. It should be enough for next week mom." "No it's not. I only have three dollars left in my name Brooke." "I could take some from Brianna. She has been saving her money to go to England since last year!" "No, I think it's cute how she is in her on hands on following her dream. You can not tell her about the money difficulties okay!?!?" "Okay mom." I totally just heard that.

Later on that night I took all my money which was about $2,000 and put it in moms purse. My family is more important to me than any dream/trip. Laying down in my bed, I feel as though reality has slapped me in the face. And with that I fell asleep.

**Flashback Ends**

After that night I helped out around the house with everything as much as a twelve could. I knew we were behind on money ever since we moved. My sister wasn't the best with the law so it got so bad we were kicked out of the State of Illinois so we went to the closest family which was in Kentucky. And yes my sister was so bad we had to move out of the state, I guess.

It just got worst but we ended up having to move to England and thats when we found out about my mothers sickness... I was afraid of that happening. My grandfather was also diagnosed with Colon cancer and he died when I was born. The same day too. I feel as if he was my guardian angel.

So I would help around the house and when Brooke turned 18 and I was still fifteen, she would go out and drink and I would put mom to sleep. When Brooke would come home... she... abuse me. I never told anyone because I had no one to tell. When I found out we were poor I just wasn't the same and my friends didn't want to stick around with my pity parties. My sister went off to college and I'm now 16 almost 17 in may and its 2013. I knew about this band one direction but never had enough time to go and listen to them or fangirl. Strange but true. My appearance is just normal. I have long brown hair that is somewhat curly with light blond tips, which is natural. Bright blue eyes with a hint of green/brown around the pupal. I guess my body was okay but I stopped, well, eating as much as I use too and lost a couple of pounds but still.

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