I'm here for you

Brianna seems just like you average junior at school but when you go behind the scenes and visit her after school which no one has since she was 12, you find that her family has a ton of struggles and relies on her to keep the house running in some what shape! Do people learn to not judge a book by its cover or will Someone see through her fake smile that no one has been able to do. Brianna also known as Bri used to be a some what popular kid who was a cheerleader and got really girly but loved to play sports with the guys. But what they don't know is she comes home cleaning, cooking, and trying to pay the bills. Now she is just your quite girl in the back of the class who just wants to have fun but doesn't want to be in trouble or doesn't want to make a fool of her self. Will she finally brake that shell or will she stay hidden on her fresh start!? Will she stay scared and hidden or will she bump into someone she gets to know?! Read to find out!!


5. Extraordinary Visit


 Here I am, standing at my doorstep in short cheer shorts and a baby blue tank top, in front of Harry.

"Umm... You left your headphones at my house. When I went to return them, they said I had the wrong address. I then called paul and he lead me here..."Harry said with so many emotions roaming around in the depth of his explicit green eyes.

I went to answer with no words in my mind when my mother appeared behind me saving us from a speechless Bri."And who is this?"

"Hi I am Harry, and you are?"Harry asked reaching out to shake her hand.

"I am Penny, Brianna's mum." my mom said then looking at me with the expectant look.

"He is just a friend mum!" I said a little louder than I anticipated while blushing at the thought of Harry and I in a relationship. That would never work, from what I hear, One Direction is worldwide and it is clearly obvious that Harry is attractive. Why would he go with little ol' me when he can have the next Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez.

"Please dear, come in. Enjoy a cup of tea." my mom offers holding the door open wider and walking to the steaming tea pot.I smile watching her walk to the kitchen gracefully while being genuinely kind.

Harry and I walk in silence with me leading the way towards the kitchen to see my mom pouring three glasses of tea. "So Harry, What are you doing here?" She asked just as we all took seats around the island. our house is small, but I love that I fixed it up a lot. It took a lot of night shifts.

"Oh, I came here to return some stuff that Brianna left at my house." Harry announced looking at me. I ducked my head because I saw mom giving me 'The Eye',  probably because I stayed at a guys house without permission. As long as she doesn't know it was shared with five guys, my eardrums just might make it through tonight.

"Ah, So tell me about yourself." My mom demanded. Thats the thing, My om can basically have you bow down to her if its directed towards you, but to a regular person walking by, she would sound like the sweetest angel. to not sound so rude she added, "Well you are the first boy Brianna has ever brought home."

"MOM!" I yelled wishing to cover my blazing hot cheeks with my hair. Why is it doing this, I mean I technically never talked to guys, but is this normal?

"It's true!"She yelled back like a total gossip teen. I could hear Harry's heart warming chuckle that brought a smile to my face.

"Well, my name is Harry Edward Styles, I live here in london with my five mates," Oh gosh. Good bye eardrums."We're actually in a WorldWide band called OneDirection, sponsored by Simon Cowell. We were put together on a singing competition, The XFactor, in 2010 and has traveled the world and just got back and are taking a break. I met you lovely Daughter,'' Okay, I have never got a compliment from a guy and I don't like them. They make my cheeks hurt from smiling too much and my cheeks are so red, an apple is an understatement. I hope he doesn't see! He is looking my way, oh that bozo! "the other day while I was getting chased by fans and I accidently ran her over but made sure to get her to safety." He finished with a big cheeky smile.

*Beep Beep Bee-* My alarm went off.

"Oh, thats  sounds lovely, dear. But thats my cue. I hope to see you guys later." my mom said walking to her bedroom. It is time for her nap.

"Umm, do you want to go for a walk or somthing?" I offered not really used to other people in my house.

"Sure." He replied with a bright smile making both dimples prominent.

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