I'm here for you

Brianna seems just like you average junior at school but when you go behind the scenes and visit her after school which no one has since she was 12, you find that her family has a ton of struggles and relies on her to keep the house running in some what shape! Do people learn to not judge a book by its cover or will Someone see through her fake smile that no one has been able to do. Brianna also known as Bri used to be a some what popular kid who was a cheerleader and got really girly but loved to play sports with the guys. But what they don't know is she comes home cleaning, cooking, and trying to pay the bills. Now she is just your quite girl in the back of the class who just wants to have fun but doesn't want to be in trouble or doesn't want to make a fool of her self. Will she finally brake that shell or will she stay hidden on her fresh start!? Will she stay scared and hidden or will she bump into someone she gets to know?! Read to find out!!


2. A bump in the road

**Brianna's POV**

"Alright mum I have to go but I will be back tomorrow. Hang in there" I say to my mom leaning over to kiss her cheek about to leave the hospital.

"Alright love, I will. I love you!" She replied in her angelic voice of hers

"I love you too. Bye Mum." I answered leaving the hospital. I know she is going to die soon but then I'm left alone. At least I get some time to think.

I walk into Starbucks and get myself a Caramel hot chocolate because I'm not a coffee person and headed for a walk. I had my earbuds in to get away from everything. I was walking for about fifteen minutes and notice a huge group if girls so I tried to see what was going on... I didn't see anything and decided to keep walking and forgot about my skateboard. I know how can a girl do that. I just do okay! I was boarding when someone around the corner was running and ran over me! "Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry, love!" I heard a deep strong British voice say.

I got up and we were extremely close and I noticed his big fluffy brown curls and his dreamy emerald eyes and backed away. He gave me a strange look like I wasn't doing something that he was expecting, like he was almost confused. All of a sudden he looked behind him with a scared face. I looked too. There was a huge mob of girls screaming running after him. "Sorry love but you have to come with me. And before he could say anything he threw me over his shoulder and started to run. I was screaming at first. I don't know who he was and it was like he was kidnaping me.

We finally got to this weird place with a bunch of couches and four other attractive boys in the room. He sat me down and I went OFF! "What the FlapJacks just happened? Why am I here? Who are you? Who were those girls? Why aren't you answering me?!" I screamed at him. I mean he just freaking kidnaped me for gods sake.

"I'm sorry I didn't want you to get trampled by those girls after I knocked you down." Deep voice explained not answering all my questions.

"Who are you anyways?" I asked.

That's when a dude in red pants and a blue and white stripped shirt on stood up and said, "You seriously don't know who we are?" Very sassy.  I shrugged.

"I'm Liam." The tall one with a buzz cut said. "I'm Zayn." The one with the darkest skin and the darkest hair said. "I'm Louis." The one with the sailor boy outfit said. "I'm Niall." The blonde Irish one said "I'm Harry." The one that kidnapped me said. "And we're one direction!" They all said in union. It was kind of cute.

"Well I'm Brianna and I must be going" I said trying to imitate them.

They all laughed but I was serious.I started for the exit when some strong but soft hand grabbed my wrist. "What's the rush, love? I mean we only know each others name and I would like to know more!" Harry said all mushy with a wink.

" Your cheeky but what would you like to know?" I said while blushing a little but nobody noticed. I hope!

"Umm what's your whole name and what part of America are you from? I can tell from you accent." Liam said while I sat down on a couch away from all of them.

"My name is Brianna Alyssa Duncan and I'm from Kentucky." I answered all cheerfully and that is something I haven't done I a LONG time.

"Well Harry's last name is Styles, mine is Payne, Louis' is Tomlinson, Niall's is Horan, and Zayn's is Malik!" Liam answered. After that I ended up telling them everything that I was comfortable with. I didn't mention my money my mom or my sister.

"Hey! Lets go to my house and watch a movie? You can meet Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie too!" Louis said while bringing me into a huge friendly hug. I love this dude. He is crazy.

"Yah sounds like fun!" I announced and with that I was brought out the back entrance because all those 'fans' were out side. I stood in Awe as I saw they're limo. "I thought you said we would take a cab!" I freaked out.

" Don't worry, you'll get used to it " Harry whispered in my ears and I had shivers running down my spine. Okay I haven't really talked to a guy since I was 12 but still!! We arrived to Louis' house and once again I was left standing there in awe.

That's when three gorgeous girls came running out of the house and coming to hug their boyfriends when they noticed me. "Hi I'm Eleanor, and this is Daniele and Perrie!" A girl with light brown curly hair said pointing to another darker skinned girl and then to a blonde.

"Hi, I'm Brianna and I just met the guys and now I am here!" I giggled as I was pulled into a group hug by the girls.

We watched two movies with me in between Niall and Harry. I found myself dosing off half way through the third one and I layed my head on Harry's shoulder not caring because how tired I was. Bad thing is, is when I'm tired I'm cuddly so I ended up snuggling in Harry's chest with his arm around me and I fell a sleep.

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