Guardian Angel

This story is about me (Arianna.) I die in a car crash and go to heaven. In heaven, I get assigned a job, a Guardian Angel. I have to protect people from dying the same way I did (complete accidents.) One day, I save Niall Horan. He sees me... but no one else can.


2. Chapter 2

Hey, I'm Arianna. I'm 5'5", with light green/brown eyes. I have long, wavy, brunette hair. So, basically, you're average teenage girl. My story really starts when I'm 16. A few weeks before my 17th birthday, to be exact. 

It's the 7th of January. Mum's been really sick, with cancer. She's in the hospital. My brothers, Carter and Bryce, and I knew Mum couldn't last much longer. She'd brushed death's door more than once in the last couple months. Dad doesn't live with us, he left after Bryce was born. So Carter(18, the oldest) has to take care of Bryce and me. My brothers mean the world to me.

Now it's the 10th. We are all crowded around Mum. Carter has a feeling that today's her last day with us. I refuse to accept that, though. Although, I am crying. Mum turns to me and whispers, "Arianna, don't cry for me. My time is up, you have to accept that." Which makes me cry harder. She looks at Bryce and whispers," Bryce, my baby. Don't shut the world out when I'm gone, like you did when your Dad left." She turns to Carter. "Carter,take care of your brother and sister. You'll do fine." She gives all of us a pale, thin smile. "Before I go," she says, her voice getting shallower. She breathes harder, like it pains her to talk. "I want you to know that I love you. Don't cry for me, I'll see you all some day."her voice fades off. Her eyes close, and the monitor next to her goes dead.

"Mum. MUM! Don't go yet! I need you!" I scream, gripping at her hands. I'm sobbing uncontrollably. Carter pulls me off of her. I turn to face him, to see that he is sobbing to. Bryce is sitting in the chair next to our Mum. He must be in shock, he's not crying, just staring at the floor blankly. He finally looks up at me and Carter. "Why does everything bad happen to us?" he asks, barely above a whisper. A tear rolls down his cheek. Followed by another, then another, until he's crying as hard as Carter and me. He runs up to Carter and buries his face in Carter's shoulder. His shoulders shake. I cry harder, and go hug my brothers, my only family left. Well, there's Dad, but he lives in another country. "Carter, don't leave us." I say. "Arianna," he says, holding my shoulders." Don't think that way. It's my job to protect you now." I give a weak smile. Just then the nurse walks in. She sees the monitor, and rushes us out of the room. "You kids shouldn't be around to see this." she says softly. Don't I know it.

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