Circo di Amore (Zayn Malik love story)

She used to had it all, wealth, family, friends. But still that wasn´t enough for her. Leaving behind everything she knew to search what she thought was missing in her life. She was happy, she never thought of changing anything. Until she fell in love with him.


5. What a suprise

You know, being in here it's great. I've been giving the show with Eva and this is fucking awesome.
The crowd clapp at us when we do a somersault or when we are hanging in our feet, but everytime I do my job it's like foregtting the world, it's like me and the music, me and my happiness.

I think I finally found what makes me happy; fabric silk acrobatics.

 Tomorrow we're moving to Spain, I've heard a lot of people in Spain love the Circus so I guess we're staying a lot of time there.

I've never been there, so I´m excited.

Back in school they taught me some spanish but I think I forgot, I should practice it.

Tonight is our last show, finally; away from my family.
They didn´t search for me, it hurts but I think it was the best.

-------------At the show-------------------------

Zoltan is talking to the crowd, it's incredible how he makes  people put their eyes on him, like if they were hypnotized. 

"Our last performance is about to start" he says and all the people start to shout 'NOOO' 'ANOTHER ONE' "Are you afraid of the heights?" he asks with a misterious voice, some people answer 'NOO' and some other scream 'YEES' "Tonight we're gonna fly to another world, the world of Eva and Kriska much better known as the 'Fabric Silk Flyers' " he say and  the crowd stand up on their feet and clap.

"It's our call, let´s go" Eva say , I follow her to the middle of the stage, I look at the audience but I see nothing cause of the bright lights that shine in the stage.

I put my feet on the fabric and make the fabric round on it, I grab the other fabric with my left hand and then... it all beggings.

I start flying in the air.
I make my left leg round the fabric and still the right feet is on the other fabric, I make sure I won´t fall and then... I freen my left hand to wave at the audience. They all clap and shout, they are excited. 

I make a little jump still my two feet on the fabric, and with a movement I'm headlong, I make with my right leg another round of the fabric and flex my knee so I can stand up, I make some more pirouettes and I finish my act. I glance at Eva and yes... we finish at the same time. Everyone is clapping and shouting, they are throwing roses at us, they love us.

After the show, some of the crew come and palm my back "Congrats Kri" Kuna says "Yeah Kri you did  awesome" Jhon say he winkle at me and I blush, he's cute. 

I walk to the girls tent and shower, the cold water feels delicious under my hot body, I left a moan scape my mouth "Kri?" Eva says "What are you doing?" she walks to my shower "Umm.. showering?" I say with some sarcasm. "I can see that.." she says "So.. why are you asking?" I say raising an eyebrow. "Just I heard... umm nothing, I'm gonna go now" 

"Ok" I answer and I get back to my bussinnes, when I finish I put my pj's and I let my brain fly to another world.

Next morning we all wake up early to pack our stuff, I feed once again to the animals, and make a reservation of fruit for Mya. "Good Mya, you're looking beautiful today my love" I say with a lovely voice. She raise her trunk and I laugh.

"Hey Kri let's go" someone say behind me

"Whut?" I say turning to face the one who was talking to me, it was Kuna

"We have to go now, get inside the train" -Kuna says while leaving the animal wagon

"Just a minute" I shout.

"Ok, but hurry" he souts back

I smile and turn again to face Mya "Hey beautiful I have to go now, but we'll see each other again in a few hours" I say and Mya trumpette "You'll be okey my love I promess" I say and kiss her head. I walk inside my wagon and join the crew.


"How lovely is Spain!!!" I shout to Eva

"I know it's beautiful, the last time we were here was 6 years ago" Eva say

"Oh jeez you've been here before!! how lucky you are!" 

"It was ok, I met someone back then but now it's over, Spain gives me some memories" she says with a smirk on her face. I walk towards her and give her a hugh "Don´t worry I bet he's not even here now" I say "I´ll take you on  that, but let's go to work Zoltan wants to give us a little speech"

After working all day setting the circus, I was tired but it really didn´t bother me cause I was used to this now. Tonight was hour first show.
We have this policy that 'The first show it's the most expensive' I don´t know why, but it is. 
We all walk towards the big tent where Zoltan was waiting for us, we sit on the floor and so he beggings.

"Good Afternoon everyone" he says and look at us in the eye, we all answer "Good Afternoon Zoltan" some say 'chief' instead of Zoltan, but I think it was ok. "We all know we are in Spain, that means some people talks in English, and I bet non of them speaks Hungarian, so the ones who knows Spanish speak it, the ones who don´t just try to understand." he says making a pause.

"Like always I'm gonna be the master of ceremonies, presenting everyone, the first act it's gonna be 'The contortionists' then 'The tightropes' after that 'Sable swallows' then  'ring rutine' after that The tamer' then 'The trapeze arists girls'  while'The magician' it's making the act , finally 'Fabric silks'   Zoltan says

"Hey what about us?" Dusan and Mirco ask

"Oh sorry guys, before 'Fabric silks' you go, ok?" 

"Ok" they answer. 

"Very well, go and practice, tonight we have the first show, good luck everyone" Zoltan says "Thank's Zoltan good luck to you too" we answer. Ending this speech Eva stand up and walk to the front.

"Guys you know I'm in charge here, so I want  things in Spain go according to the plan ." she says and look at us seriously, she was damn scary. "Well, said this, go all and rest, we'll meet at 7:00pm here" she says clapping her hands and all of us stands up. 

I walk to the pink tent and lie in bed "Oh cheese, this is delicious" that sound dumb cause the bed is a little cot. I close my eyes and fall asleep. 

"Wake up little bird" Lana says, she was a good friend besides Eva

"Now?" I say complaining, I was so tired.

"You are always sleeping Kri" says Lana "Besides you've already sleep 5 hours, let's go and change, Eva's waiting for us" she say and walk to the shower tent. I sit in the bed and stretch. 

This is gonna be an amazing night I can feel it.

----------------Later that night..-------------------------

"Welcome to Boldog" Zoltan says while walking around the stage and looking at the people "Tonight is what it means to believe, to love and to enjoy" he says "First we're beginning with our professional contortionists enjoy the show" he say and walk to the back of the stage. 

The show went perfectly as it was supposed to be, last it is our performance so Eva and I go and do our job. 
Something strange happen, I'm at the top with the fabric on my feet, and suddenly I don´t know why but I turn to see the crowd, there's some guys watching, more like staring at me. I stare too, when I'm going to turn my head to see somewhere else, I see one of the guys smiling at me. I smile back.

Eva and I finish our job and stay at the center of the stage, they were throwing roses at us, as usual. I look once again were the guy is sitting and I can´t see him. He's not there.
It doesn´t bother me, cause I don´t know him, but deep inside I feel like I wish I could meet him. 

We walk to the back of the stage and clean our sweat and we drink some water. 
While I'm walking to the pink tent,  I hear some voices so I decide to walk towards the voices to know what's going on.

"Did you see her? she was amazing!" someone says, the voice doesn´t seems familiar to me but I keep walking. 
"Yeah she was good" Another voice says.
"Don´t be such a jerk Louis, she was awesome, I wanna know her name" the first voice says, I walk closer and I hide, I don´t want to be seen, but I can always take a look.
Between a wooden table and an animal cage I can see perfectly.

There are 2 guys talking, one of them is tall with brown hair, maybe blue eyes I can´t tell, it's very dark. The other one is tall with blak hair and hazel eyes I'm damn sure.
There's some more guys, to be exactly 3, one is blonde, the other one is a curly boy and the last one is a brown haired guy.

"Zayn she's just a circus girl, leave her alone, she probably doesn´t like you" the tall guy with brown hair says I think he's Louis.
"Shut it Louis, I'm gonna ask her name tomorrow" Yeah he was Louis, and that most be Zayn. Cute name.
"Yeah whatever..." Louis says "Let's go Paul is waiting for us" After that they start walking and some random girls start asking them autographs I don´t know why, maybe they're famous around here.

I turn and slowly sit down, Zayn is such a hottie. Ufff. Maybe I should sleep this is drivin' me insane.
I walk to the pink tent and sleep. Maybe tomorrow is a good day. 



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