Circo di Amore (Zayn Malik love story)

She used to had it all, wealth, family, friends. But still that wasn´t enough for her. Leaving behind everything she knew to search what she thought was missing in her life. She was happy, she never thought of changing anything. Until she fell in love with him.


7. This is so sick

I've been laying here at night, listening to the rain, talking to my heart and just try to expain, why sometimes catch myself thinking about what could of been, yes I still think about you, every now or then.- Unknown


the next morning all I could think was; what the hell just happened yesterday? I mean she told me about a guy she met years ago in Spain and I told her that he probably wouldn´t be here, this was sick!! 

I'm with Mya now and I'm so quite that I think nobody knows I'm here, and it seems that Mya is understanding my quiteness by being quite her too, ugg I repeat again this is so sick, cause this means that I can see no more Zayn, cause he's friends with that guy, and I can´t do this to Eva.

Sick sick sick sick sick sick I'm gonna puke now, sick sick and more sickness.

I sigh and stand up, I have to ask her what was that thing with Louis why did they break up? 
I stroke slowly Mya's trunk and smile at her, in respons she moves her head saying "yes" 
"You're so intelligent my love" I say and leave the tent.

I'm walking towards to girls tent and all I can hear is some murmurs, I'm guessing what they're talking about. I enter the tent and all girls are forming a circle, and the in the middle there's Eva; crying.

"fuck it" I say walking towards the girls "Ok girls stop it, leave the tent NOW!" I shout and all are staring at me, but they don´t move "I'm gonna count to 3 and if you don´t leave the tent, you'll see have to face the consequenses now leave, I'm warning you and I'm not kidding" I say now very angry "1....2...and..." they all run like cats. "good" I say and walk to Eva's bed.

"Eva come on what's wrong?" I ask knowing what's wrong, but you don´t come and say 'hey fuck Louis' 

"Everything" she says snobing "Louis most of all" 

"What happened with him anyway?" I ask

"All" she says and stays quite

"may  I know the story?" I ask her while sitting at the of her bed, she turns to face me and I smile at her. Her eyes are all puffy and red but I don´t mind, she's still beautiful.

"Yeah you're my closest friend, nobody knows except from Zoltan" she says "Well all began on summer of 2009 in my first show in Spain..."

"I was doing my performance, and all went well I stood in the middle of the stage thanking to all the crowd and then... I saw him, he wasnt calpping at all, he was watching me with a beautiful smile, and he winked at me, I though he was just another random boy that wanted some quick sex, so I smile at him and turn to leave the stage" she says and look at me in the eye "I was wrong" she says with a little tear in her eye

"Why? he didn´t want sex with you?" I ask

"Well, yeah but not in that way, he wanted to get to know me" she says and I raise an  eyebrow

"let me explain" she says "After my show I went to change my clothes and walk to Zoltan's tent we were talking about business I was about to ask Zoltan something until I hear an unknown voice 'umm sorry I'm looking for Eva' the voice said and I turn to face that voice, it was from the boy in the crowd 'uhmI think that's me, Zoltan I better go, we can talk later' I said and Zoltan gave me a warning look but I didn´t paid attention to it. That night we went for a walk on the beach we talk about each others life, he wanted to be a singer and he singed to me; right in the ear, I still remember the song 

"I'm not a perfect person 

There's many thing I wish I didn't do 
But I continue learning 
I never meant to do those things to you 
And so I have to say before I go 
That I just want you to know 

I've found a reason for me 
To change who I used to be 
A reason to start over new 
And the reason is you"

""Oh Eva, please don´t cry" I say while putting my hand on her face wipping her tears away


"He was singing to me and I was falling for him, we were on the beach, he stoped singing and then we stared at the see, I was looking at the stars they were shining so bright that night, he put his hand on my cheek and turned to face him "You're so beautiful Eva" he said and I blushed I still remember how his lips touched mine, and how his hands touched my hips, they were moving in sinc like if my body was made for his hands "I want you to make love to me" I said to him. That night was amazing,the moonlight was incredible we were looking at each others face, right in the eye "I want to be with you Eva" he said I kissed his lips "Show me you care" I said to him."

"That's so romantic Eva, but what happened?" I ask

"We spend that summer together every night after my show he waited for me, and we hanged out we went to the beach a lot of times, rided horses, watching the sunset, I teached him how to make a piruette on the silk" she says leaving out a sigh "I was in love with him" 

"And..? why you're not with him now? I ask

"summer ended and so did love, he wasn´t romantic anymore, when we were making love he was rude, I was in love so I didn´t mind, but the day he left Spain he told me 'I'd never loved you' I cried for 3 months, everynight he hurted me really bad, and now that I see him... agg this is all so confusing, this is so sick" she says

"I know eva but  don´t worry I won´t hang out with Zayn anymore, so you won´t see Louis" I say a bit sad

"Don´t worry about that, I can handle Louis, you better go with Zayn, he most be waiting for you" she says "In fact maybe I should go and talk to Louis, maybe tomorrow" she says and smile at herself

."Well, whatever you do, I'm with you forever " I say and hug her.

I went to the big tent to look for Zayn but the only one I could see was Louis...

"Louis?" I ask, he wasn´t facing me, in fact he was looking for something, or someone? He turn to face me

"Oh Kriska, I'm uhh.. I was, oh fuck it, I need to talk to Eva, where is she?" he ask a little nervous

"She's in her tent, but can I ask something?" I say 

"Why not?" he say

"Why you left Eva?" I ask looking at him right in the eye

"That's non of your business Kriska, Zayn is waiting for you outside" he say a lttle annoyed

"You're right, I'm sorry" I say and I left the tent "Zayn!!" I shout

"There you are honey I was worried" he say and hug me while spinning me around

I look right at his eyes and I see a little sparkle on it.

"WHAT?" we hear a shout, and we both turn to face the pink tent

"Eva please you don´t understant, wait" we hear Louis yell, we run to the pink tent to see   an angry Eva and a hurted Louis.

"Why would you say you're missing me, and you girlfriend is calling?" Eva yell

"WHAT?" I shout, Louis and Eva stop fighting to face me. Louis's face fall straight to the grown.



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