Circo di Amore (Zayn Malik love story)

She used to had it all, wealth, family, friends. But still that wasn´t enough for her. Leaving behind everything she knew to search what she thought was missing in her life. She was happy, she never thought of changing anything. Until she fell in love with him.


6. Surprise Surprise

I wake up the next morning to hear the trompettes of Mya, I stand up worried, and run to the animal cage. She is just hungry, it must be because I slept over. After feeding her I go back to the girls tent where I found all the girls talking.

"well I heard the "feria was in town, maybe there?" Lana says

"what are we talking about?" I ask.

"we were planning on going out tonight after the show" Mariska says

"oh! that would be great! yes please, it´s been a while since we went out" I say

"ok then, so be ready after the show, so we can have as much fun as possible"


"I know. I know, ladies and gentlemen, this is the final show and you are sad, but let me just say, you won´t be dissapointed. I present you our silk flyers Eva and Kriska" Zoltan says, and we know thats our cue.

We walk to the center of the stage. The silk is comming down, I take the purple one and circle it with my feet, and start to climb, with  every second  a little bit higher. when I´m all the way up I look over to Eva, we usually do this to verify we are in sinc. When the routine starts to get a little bit more intense we can feel the anxiety of the people growing. Suddenly we unroll our bodies so we are falling, but still wraped on the silk, we hear the gasps of people when we reach the ground with complete control and sinc. As we stand tall and recieve claps and roses from the audience I can´t help but to look at the row Zayn was at  yesterday, and to my full surprise, he is clapping while smiling directly at me.

Time is up for us, so we head to the back of the tent as we listen Zoltan giving his goodbyes and thanks to the crowd. I start walking to the tent where I´m going to get ready with normal clothes to go out to the "feria". Eva says is something great, lots of games and delicious food. I finish getting ready and walk out of the tent, peolple keeps walking out of the big tent, and I bump into some, and soon I get lost watching the stars. Then I feel a hand grabbing on my elbow and turning me around, when I do I get lost in a pair of hazel eyes with big lashes, I can´t help but to get nervous. What is wrong with you Kriska! You don´t blush over guys! 

"Hello, I´m Zayn" he says whith such an attractive accent that is melting me. I think is British?

"Hello, I´m Kriska" I reach out my hand to grab the one he is offering.

"Nice to meet you Kriska" he says while letting go of my hand. "I just wanted to introduce myself and congratulate you for such amaizing stunts you pulled of today and the day before"

"Oh! jeez.. thanks" I say while laghing a nervous laugh.

"I see you don´t recieve complements very often?"

"Well I do, but never from the audience" nor from such good looking audience."I mean other than claps and screams... you know.." OH just shut up already Kriska! stop rambling. He just laughs. What?! did I said something funny?

"Well it would be so wrong if you didn´t love, you deserve to be adulated" I just blush.Hard. God, like my face could turn a shade darker? Don´t think so!

"Krii!!" I hear Eva call my name. "Its time to go!"

"One second!" I look back at Zayn "Well Zayn I need to get going, my friends and I are going to the "feria" but it was nice to meet you, and thanks" I say as I start walking towards Eva.

"Have fun" He says with a smile, and disapointment?

Looking one last time over to Zayn I smile a genuine smile to him and wave goodbye. I hope I can see him again, but that would be asking to much. I still apreciate what he did for me. When I reach the girls we start making our way to the "feria".

"Who was that?" Meg asks.

"Just a guy that wanted to say hi, but he is cute though, like really cute" I say and we all laugh as we walk away from the circus.

Zayn´s P.O.V

God, I really want to get to know her a little bit more. I mean she is gorgeous and really nice, and the way she got nervous was adorable.

Zayn you just met her!

So? Maybe we can be just friends!

Yeah right. You are already falling for her.

Shut up! Why I´m I talking with myself. Jeez I have problems.

Wait, where did she said she was going? The feria? Where is that? I need to find Niall.

"Hey guys wait up!" I scream when I see them. 

"Whats up Zayn?" Liam asks

"Niall" I turn around to face him "What is a "feria"?"

"It´s what we would call fair" He looks at me with hope "Why? are we going? I´ve heard Spanish food is awsome!"

"Of course we are going!" I say.

"What?" the rest say shocked.

"Oh guys come on! lets have some fun!" I look at them with pleading eyes. I think I´ve never looked so desperate in my life.

"You want to see the girl again don´t you?" Louis asks me a little irritated.

"Yeah man I do, what I don´t get is why you are being such a  jerk about it, you don´t even know her. She is really nice."

"Look man, if you really want to see her again I´ll help you, so lets go" Harry said to my surprise. I mean we are all great friends, but he always supports his best mate, which happens to be Louis so...

"Thanks Hazza" 

"No problem"

"So are we going or what? I´m hungry!" Niall said. We all laugh and walk to the street and call a taxi.

Finally we arrived to the fair. I think I can speek for the five of us when I say we are all impresed with what we saw.  A lot of people, a lot of food and huge rollercosters, and of course a wheel of fortune. 

"We need disguises" Liam whispered to us.

We head out to the closest post and buy beeanies and jackets .

"Ok guys I´ll go look for her I´ll text you when I find her"

"Sure, we are going for food, either way Niall will eat us, and we´ll be around" Liam said with a smile. 

I give them a thankyou smile and start to walk away. There is so many people in the fair I know is going to be hard to find her. Ok Zayn remember what she was wearing.


God! How I´m I suppose to know that? I couldn´t take my eyes of hers. I´m screwd.

I´ve been looking for almost an hour now. No sign of her. I decide to sit on the nearest bench. But to my surprise is already ocupied. *note the sarcasm* Why is there so many people today?

As I get closer to the bench the girl sited on it looks awfully familiar. It´s Kriska! But she looks like she is in deep thought, so I decide to sit down without disturbing her.


Kriska´s P.O.V.

Someone sat beside me, but I didn´t turn to look who might that someone be. I should be looking for the girls now but I´m a little bit desapointed, I know I will never see Zayn and his beautiful hazel eyes again, but I wish I could. I should probably get going and enjoy my girls night out.

But when I stand up a hand grabs mine, I turn around and see those eyes that hypnotize me.

"Where are you going love?" Zayn asks with a smirk. probably because of my shoked expression.

"Zayn? What are you doing here?" 

"Well the lads and I have the night off so we decided to come to the fair and have fun" he says with a smile. He is now standing straight so I have to look up to meet his eyes.

"oh" The night off? so he works here in spain? "and where are they?"

"Maybe in the food posts, Niall is a very hungry guy."

"I see, so would you like to come with me and get in some games?" I ask with a smirk on my face. He doesn´t look so sure. "Yes? we´ll have fun I promisse!"

"Ok then, nothing involving water"

"Why??? is Zaynie afraid his quiff will get ruined?" I ask in a baby voice. 

"Something like that" he says while laughing.

We are having so much fun, we ate, we went into so  many games, and we definetly laughed a lot. When we realized the time we both decided it was time to look for my friends first and then he will text his.

"Kriska!" I hear my name being call so I turn around so does Zayn.

"Eva, girls, finally we where looking for you since a while ago."

"Us too" says Meg

"Guys this is Zayn, Zayn this is Eva,Meg, Lana, and Mariska"

"Hello ladies" he says with a smile while shaking his hand with thems.

"Kriska I´ll go text the lads for them to meet us here"

"Sure" I say and he walks away.

"Kri, he is so fine! did you guys kissed or something?" Lana asks.

"yes he is, but no, nothing happened, is more like we are good friends, it feels like I´ve known him for a while."

"Yeah. This kind of stuff happens like that, first they are great friends and next thing you know she is walking down the isle" Mariska says mocking me. I just roll my eyes.

I can´t help but notice how Eva is quite nervous I´ll ask her later.

"The lads will be here in a moment" Zayn says when he comes back from talknig in the phone."Did you have fun?" 

"Yes I did, thanks" I can´t help but to get lost in his eyes again. We exchanged numbers, and when he gave me my phone back I heard someone was calling his name, the six of us turn towards the voices.

"Hey man finally, we where getting bored in here" a tall boy with blue eyes says in a very rude tone. He looks like the oldest of the group.

"Did you had fun?" a curly boy asks with a nice smile when he looks at both of us. I like him.

"Hey guys, yes we did, thanks. How about you?" Zayn asks.

"It was awsome, food is great in here. Such a shame food posts are already closed" I bet he is Niall. It looks like he really loves food hahah

"Zayn we should get going now, we need to wake up early tomorrow" a tall guy with brown puppy eyes says.

"Yes I know. Guys this is Kriska and her friends Lana, Mariska, Meg and Eva. Girls this are Harry" he points to the curly boy."Liam" the boy with cute puppy eyes, and he smiles to us "Niall  and Louis" at last he points to the boy with brown hair and blue eyes. He is looking at Eva with a surprised expression, and Eva looks the same, and hurt?

" What are you doing here? Louis asks Eva in a very rude tone. What? they know eachother?

"And why should I give you any explanations?" Eva awnswers, I think is the first time I´ve seen her angry, real angry. The rest of us just look at eachother speachless.

What is going on with these two?



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