Circo di Amore (Zayn Malik love story)

She used to had it all, wealth, family, friends. But still that wasn´t enough for her. Leaving behind everything she knew to search what she thought was missing in her life. She was happy, she never thought of changing anything. Until she fell in love with him.


4. No talent?!

1 month later*

Kriska´s P.O.V.

It is still hard to wake up so early, specially when I´m working all day no stop. Don´t get me wrong I love it, but I was always the kind of girl to have evrything I wanted and not moving one finger to get it, so now, as you can see I´m whining, a lot.

Getting use to being part of these family hasn´t take me long, everyone is so nice. Although nothing can be perfect right? Well basically I´m friends with everyone, except for Aneska, I really have no idea why she is so rude to me all the time, of course when Eva is not around because they are like best friends. I´m pretty sure I was never rude to her, I will talk to her later, I really don´t want to have any problems with her.

Feeding the animals is one of my favourite parts of the day and my real responsability around here, and I can already say  I love it. And my little secret is I leave Mya at last so I can talk to her. Like now.

"Hello beautiful, how have you been? Are you hungry?" I ask as I reach the bucket full of food out for her.

I watch while she is eating, helping herself with her rough trunk. When she finished  she did a particular trumpet I have never heard her doing, thats when I realized that was the sound of happiness. 

"So Mya I really love being here, don´t get me wrong, is just that sometimes I wish I could do more in here. Have I told you I´ve been working with Janik, you know, the tamer, let me tell you Mya that Lily the lioness is scary as hell" I say, and I just know she is listening and understanding every word I say, because she lays her trunk in my shoulder as to calm me down.

"I know, I know, Janik wouldn´t let her hurt me, he takes good care of me, and I should confess Mya that I consider him a very good friend bye now" 

I laugh as she lets another trumpet out of her trunk. " Oh! is someone jelous?" I ask mocking her a little. She just denies with her head, and I can´t stop laughing.

"Okay pretty girl I´ll believe you. I need to get going now, but I´ll be back with your fruit and to say goodnight later, love you" I say while hugging her head.

I walk out of the animal station thinking of how much I want to get out of Hungary, we´ve been here for at least a month, but Zoltan says sales are doing good now, so we should stay here till people get sick of the same circus. But I want to believe there is another reason, because even he knows no one will get sick of our shows, they are always so inovating and entretaining, like seriousley? If we continue like that we are going to stay forever.

I didn´t relaize I had made my way up to the tent, so I get inside silently. I know someone is in here because I can hear a sweet song playing through the speakers. I sneak a little bit more into the tent, only to see the most amazing thing ever. Eva was up high in the air, working on her routine of air accrobatics with silk.

It´s not like I have never seen her routine on shows, but right now it looks so natural to her, just makes it look so easy. She is really gifted. 

When I see she is getting down I hide for a moment and only come out when I see her leave the tent. I move towards the blue silk Eva uses for practice, and do something I never thought I was gonna be able to do. 

Start climbing the silk, using the strength of all my body. 


Eva´s P.O.V.

I really don´t know what to do for the nexts shows routine, I´m like... stuck. I´ve done many routines, but Zoltan wants a change. I haven´t found the "change" so far,but I will.

I walk back to the tent, I start to hear my music playing in the speakers, I always use my favourite songs in my routines, it helps me to get focused on the routine instead of the people. 

While walking I notice something that makes me stop death in my tracks. Is that Kriska? Up in the silk? Oh yes, it´s her. And just looking ate her doing such a beautiful routine, is hard to believe she hasn´t done it before, and even harder to believe she never was "good at gimnastics" as she said to me once.




"Kri! Honestly you cannot be telling me yo have no hidden talent!"

"Well I don´t! I was never aloud to do anything artistic like" she sigh "I mean I was not even good at gimnastics back in school!"

"Oh really? Then how you stay so fit?"

"I used to hip hop dance" she whispered, loud enough for me to hear.

"WHAT? That is great! Let me tell Zoltan, he´ll flip out."

"nononononnnnononon I used to, till my mother caught me, then it was the end for me annd dancing"


"So, Im´m really out of shape, like totally" I jus sigh at her stubbornnes.


*End of Flashback*


Yeah right, out of shape. "I thought you said you had no talent?!" I scream for her to hear me, and boy did she heard me. She looked at me and lose balance, while falling...hard.

Shit. What have I done?


Kriska´s P.O.V.

I wake up to a massive headache, good thing I didn´t broke my skull, that was pretty high fall.I open my eyes to see none other than Eva sited at the end of my bed. Wait, how did i got here? 

" Good morning sleepy head." she say.

"Hi" I try to sit but I really can´t my head hurts to much, so a just lie in bed.

"So first of all that was a real fall you had, so you will rest till you feel better. Secondly, what the hell were you doing up there?"

"I... I-I dd..." I start to stutter so I just simply shut.

Eva sighs "Well it really doesn´t matter, you are good at it,so I talked to Zoltan about what I saw before you fell, which by the way I´m sorry Kri, it was not my intention for you to fall." I laugh at her rushed apology, she really looked guilty.

"Don´t worry, it was my fault only" I say.

"I´m really sorry though" she continue "well as I was saying, I talked to Zoltan and we agree I should train you. You are a natural up there Kri, seriously, and I´ll be happy to share the spotlights on the show. What do you say?"

I was just shocked, and maybe my face showed it beacause Eva started laghing.

"Should I take your silence as a yes?" she asked with a little bit of hope in her voice.

"YES! A thousand times yes!" And I sit straight to hug her, ignoring the pain coming from my head and....ribs?


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