Circo di Amore (Zayn Malik love story)

She used to had it all, wealth, family, friends. But still that wasn´t enough for her. Leaving behind everything she knew to search what she thought was missing in her life. She was happy, she never thought of changing anything. Until she fell in love with him.


3. Family

Next morning I wake up by the sound of Eva´s voice, I feel so tired that the only thing I wanna do is lie in bed all day, but  I remember I have to work.

"Kriska, come on wake up" Eva say and I groan 

"No Eva pleassse" 

"Como on Kriska you don´t wanna give a first bad impression do you?" 

I don´t but I wanna lie in bed maybe I should quit... no no no I sit in the side of the bed "No I don´t" I say with a creepy voice, the sexy voice of the morning...

"So let´s go, shower and then we'll meet at the animal station" she say with a smile one her face, I can´t believe that after 8 years she's still happy with her job. 

I walk to the red tent with a sleepy face and dumb steps, and make it to the shower, the water is cold, but not  that cold. I wash my body, hair, and then turn off the water. I sigh. This is gonna be a long day.

While I´m walking to the animal station I can´t help but notice that evryone is so focused on their own jobs, like if that was literally the only thing they live for, and honestly it made me feel happy. It was impossible for me not to feel at the same time like an outsider, because I wasn´t sharing the same passion for what I was suppose to do. But I'm hoping one day to feel the same passion that irradiated from every single person in this circus. Only time would tell.

I came closer to Eva, she was sitting legs closed in front of the lion cage. "Hey Kri!" Eva welcomed me. I couldn´t help but smile at the sound of my new nickname, it felt so familiar.

" Good morning Eva" she smiled back. and we start walking in front of all the animal cages while she is explaining to me what I was suposse to feed them.

"And last but definetly not least" Eva said " I present you Mya the Elephant" 

The only thing that came to my mind was a feeling of happiness, I can say that I just fell in love, Mya was the most beautiful creature in the world I just couldn´t make a sound.

"Kri, are you alright?" 

"Yes, is just that I have never seen something so beautiful" I just reached my hand out to touch her, she felt so rough, but I didn´t care.

"Well Kri, we need to get back to the tent, I need to introduce you to the whole crew, come on" 

It was so hard for me to say goodbye to Mya but I did anyways. When we get back to the tent, everyone, and I mean everyone is there. Something started to creep up my body, and I instantley knew I was blushing, hard.

"Hello everyone, so as everyone probably knows we have a new member in the family" Eva started "So I want to introduce you all to Kriska, she's gonna take care of the animals" She say pointing me while smiling at me and everyone else.

"Hey guys this is me.." I say with a smirk and my hand is wavin' , I look at them not shyly.

"So let's get this started Kriska first I'm gonna introduce the crew to you, this is Imara 'the lady of the most largest mustache in the world'" she say proudly of the nickname and point at her, I follow her finger and then I see her; bid lady, blond, blue eyes and large mustache. Eva continue "This are 'The trapeze arists girls' their names are; Lana, Meg and Mariska" she says poiting at three brunettes; they are beautiful. I wave to them, they wave back "Here we have five guys they are 'The contortionists' Armani, Jensi, Jei, Kuna, and Jhon"

"Hey" I say polietly "Hey pretty girl" one of them says.

"Ok guys...stop it" Eva says laughing "Here we have 'The tightropes' Ferenc, Loran and Sabo" They were good looking you could say the were 'the playboy kind of men...' 
"And in here we have 'Savle swallows' Yago" he was a tall boy good looking too.

"Hey Yago" I say

"Hola bonita" he say, I look at him with wide open eyes, and he wink at me "Hola" I say.

"Looks like everyone is flirting with you Kriska" Eva says and I blush 'maybe..' I think to myself, but I know deep inside that I'm not here to have boyfriends, maybe in a year or two, but know I'm focused on learning. "Next we have Aneska she is in charge of the 'ring rutine'" I look at Aneska she's brunette too, green eyes. 

"How are you?" I say "Hey" she says.

"In here we have a little group, one of them is Janik 'The tamer' then Novaj 'The magician' he's pretty awesome I might add, but let's not waste time" she say  "then we have Mirco and Dusan 'Jugglery'" Eva says, then again I wave at them, they wave back.

"And last but not least ME! and I'm in charge of the 'acrobatics in sliks' more known as Eva' Eva says winking at me, I wink at her, she's beautiful, I havn't notice that until now." now that you know everyone and everyone knows you" she says with a loud voice "Let's go to work" she says clapping her hands, it looks like she's in charge around here.

They all stand up and walk everywhere, next they are working with a smile on their faces "Wow" I say "What?" Eva ask me "They all seem so happy, why?" I say clueless.

"Well, because we love what we do, if we didn't love it then we wouldn't be here, you know? we are free to go whenever we want, we are free to be ourselves in here, we just have one rule" she says lookin' at me.

"And what's that?" I say with wide eyes.

"Everything you do, do it with love, not because you 'have to'" Eva says while we are walking to the animal station. "Here we are" she says looking at me and giving me a bucket full of fruit "Feed the animals" I walk to a lion's cage and I look at the bucket "Umm Eva?" "Yes dear?" "Fruit for the lion´s?" "Oh no, sorry let me get you the meat" I froze oh my jeez they're gonna eat me.

I start feeding the animals, even the animals are happy, what the hell does the food contains? Eva comes back and gives me the bucket full of meat and I throw the meat at them scare of what they might do to me, when I was leaving I hear a strange noise, I turn to see from where is coming, it's from behind a courtain, I slowly walk towards it and slowly pull the courtain away.

When it was open wide I froze at what I was seeing I couldn´t believe the loveliness  my eyes were watching the most incredible elephant "Mya" I say touching her head "I'm sorry I forgot about you, let me feed you" I say and then again I touch her head and her trunk, I see her beautiful eyelashes and I realize that I'm hypnotized by her. I pull close the fruit bucket, put some in my hand and reach it out with the fruit for her to eat it. She eats it.

"Good Mya" I say.

Suddenly Eva comes in grabbing me by the shoulder telling me the show is about to start, so that I get ready and sit in front rows for me to enjoy the first show as a member of the group. 


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