Circo di Amore (Zayn Malik love story)

She used to had it all, wealth, family, friends. But still that wasn´t enough for her. Leaving behind everything she knew to search what she thought was missing in her life. She was happy, she never thought of changing anything. Until she fell in love with him.


2. Boldog

I was outside finally, no strings attach to me, I smile to myself and then shout "Loosers! You can´t have me!" suddenly the lights outside my house lighten up. I look to see if anybody is near, but nobody notice me, so I start walking to my new life. 

It was midnight so the weather is very cold it make me look at the sky, the stars are shining so bright, suddenly I see a light in the sky "What the..." I start to say but then I though 'I should follow that light' and so I did.

When I'm near the light, I notice that the light comes from a circus it was a huge tent with two different colors red and blue. Next to me is a poster of an elephant and it says 'Welcome to Boldog Circus' I open my mouth forming an 'O' 

"What are you doing here?, we don´t have show until tomorrow morning please leave before I call the police" a man with a black mostache, white skin, blue eyes, deep voice and you could say he was on his early 30's. 

"No! wait please, I just came to ask if you have an empty space for me, you knnow I wanna work in your circus sir" I say with a smirk.

"No I don´t have space sorry" he says and  I look at him with puppy eyes

"Please?, I don´t have nowhere else to go" I say and that's true, that hit me hard cause I really don´t have anywhere to sleep. 

"What do you do" he say

"I can take care of the animals maybe?" I say with worried face

"Have you been in a circus before?" shit.. I haven't, maybe I should go know, I'm just wasting my time here.

"No" I say a bit annoyed now, I look at his face and I see that he's thinking about something, his face is not giving me answers "Thank's for your time" I say and start walking.

"No wait!, you can stay here, you could be helpful" he says and I see his face, he was serious.

"Thanks sir I won´t disappoint you I promise" 

"You better don´t, and by the way I'm Zoltan you are?"


"Welcome Kriska to Boldog, make yourself at home"

"Thanks" I say looking around there was a lot of people, too many clowns, 3 beautiful girls, a big lady with a mustache, 8 boys just sneaking around, 1 tall boy spying a brunette girl, 4 other boys laughing very hard and a lonely girl, this girl cought my attention cause she wasn´t wearing any makeup at all, she was... normal. 

"Eva come here" Zoltan shout.

"Yes Zoltan?" Eva was the 'normal girl' she was beautiful, redhead, blue eyes, big lips, tan skin, a lot of freckles, and a beautiful smile. 

"Please introduce Kriska to the crew please, and show her her bedroom"

"Yes Zoltan" she grab my hand and we start walking trough the people, some are staring at me, I'm nervous 'What if they don´t like me?' 'What if they bully me in a sort of way?' I'm scare now, I let a groan scape my mouth, and Eva looks at me "Oh sorry, I didn´t want to be rude, I'm Eva you are?" she say, I wasn´t groaning for her but...

"I´m Kriska, nice to meet you Eva." I say looking at her, she smiled.

"So Kriska... how old are you?" 

"19 ,you?"

"I'm 20, I've been here since I was 12"

"And Eva... may I know why are you here?" I say a little shyly, she look at me again, I'm now regretting this. 

"Yeah why not... I was a rich girl, I had everything my parents loved me they gave me everything I wanted, one day we went to the circus we were amazed by the show, when the show was finished we walked  home, while we were walking on the street we were laughing about everything, next thing I know we're being attacked by some boys, my father tried to stop them' please boys think about this' 'Fuck you, and give me all your things' one boy said, my father was slow so they shoot my parents I was so young to be killed that's why they only look at me,I was crying but I knew that the police was comming so I ran away, I lived alone 1 year but one day I saw the lights of the circus Zoltan saw me and welcomed me to Boldog, I'm here since then"

"Oh Eva I'm sorry"

"Don´t be, it's been 9 years, it still hurts but I know that everything will be just fine"

"That's respectable" I say now looking at Eva with new eyes.

"So tell me Kriska, why are you here?" after she asked me that I was so embarassed cause I knew that I only scape because I was rebel, I had everything, my parents, money, sisters, I'm such a fool.

"I run from home" I say and she look at me with a 'don´t give me shit' face.

"That's why?, Kriska what the hell?? why? did they hit you or something?" oh my jeez...

"No..." I say

"Then why?"

"Cause I didn´t like that they didn´t allow me to be myself... so I ran"

"Well.. well.. well... Kriska this could be fun, you are such a little box of surprises"

"I think I am" we were walking and we arrive to a huge tent but it was divided in two one blue and one pink 'boys and girls' we enter the pink one and it was full of beds, the girls were all talking, some girl was saying 'Did you saw that boy on the front row?' 'Yeah he was cute' 'I knooowww!!' I roll my eyes. 

"This is your bed Kriska is next to mine, you should sleep now, it's late and tomorrow I'll show the place and the crew" she say

"Ok, thanks Eva" I say a little nervous about tomorrow

"Oh and Kriska.." she say


"There is the bathroom" she say ponting me a red little tent "And the wake up call is at 7:00 am I'll wake you up tomorrow but eventually you have to do it by yourself"

"Thanks Eva, goodnight" 

"Goodnight" she say and I lay in my new bed, this is gonna be amazing, my new life, new adventure.. I'm falling in love with this. 
I close my eyes and fall asleep with a big smile on my face.


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